Retro Battleroom

By jigglypuff12345 :: Friday January 29th, 2016


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Welcome to Retro Battleroom. Story: There was a pixel inside of an old apple 2 computer and he felt old and wanted to be with the newer generation. So his plan was to get to the portal deep inside of the hard drive that leads to an IPhone 6. So after years of planning he finally made his escape. Controls: Use wsad or the arrow keys to move the player. Press space to shoot the baddies. You only have 20 ammo. Press W or UP to jump. Have fun! Ver 1.1 UPDATE: Better graphics, baddies can shoot now, and level edits. YAY MY FIRST FEATURE! Thanks to all who have supported me all of these years on sploder. I could have not done it without you guys!


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