caillou ungrounds himself.

By joacocapurro :: Wednesday December 19th, 2018


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the twelfth game of the caillou sploder series! we're halfway there! after getting grounded for destroying the thanksgiving parade, kayloo's emotions are thinking of a way to make him stop being grounded. suddenly's caillou's joy decides to make caillou unground himself! will the plan suceed or will it be worse? play to find out! *EASTER EGG HUNT* this game is inspired by a pixar movie named inside out. its protagonist is a girl named riley who has 5 emotions. at the end of the movie, a black wave takes over the console of riley's mind. that wave is actually a character named gloom who is never shown physically. there are lots of conceptual art in internet about his physical form. caillou also has that emotion, but always appears in its physical form. can you find caillou's gloom? it is in the fifth level of the game. be careful, it moves very fast!


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