the complete baddie guide part 4

By joacocapurro :: Monday July 15th, 2019


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the complete baddie guide PART 4 - daveyja's classics. this part is about baddys that daveyja created, now with renewed graphics, and some got their name changed! daveyja was really good. i got into some fight with him sometimes, like when i was copying his games. but he apologized and i did too! this game is a tribute to him, as it features baddys that were made by him. also, why was i copying his games? well, i was getting a little bit out of ideas, and i tought pressing the "copy this" button on games that had it would speed up the development of my games, and i did not even know waht plagiarism or copyright were! i was WAY TOO YOUNG!


Tags: baddie

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