By jonasluva94 :: Friday July 17th, 2009


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Jazz is an ordinary high school kid, who gets a mysterious letter from an owl saying… “Your parents’ lives are in danger - they have been captured by Count Caius and Lady Neferet. The only way to save your parents’ lives is to collect all 8 of the sacred crystals, then return them to their original holding place – in the centre of Volti. You have 7 days… Good Luck” Having read the letter, Jazz takes up his mission and he strives to save his parents’ from their certain peril… If he fails his parents will be shamed then brutally killed, and the evil Count Caius and Lady Neferet will reign supreme over the land of Volti. Volti (the creepy land where his parents are being held hostage was once a solitary, peaceful, kind place to live, but ever since Count Caius & Lady Neferet and the sons of Erebus took over; it has become a highly unpleasant place to live. With innocent civilians being captured and their families blackmailed, no one is proud to call themselves a Voltarian anymore. Everyone in Volti believed that the 8 sacred crystals were symbols of the Gods and so they worshipped them, however, Count Caius thought the people should worship him instead so he stole the crystals and hid them in separate parts of the land – well guarded and well hidden.