Sonic Lost World. Opening Cutscene

By juniortennis7 :: Monday December 23rd, 2013


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Hey, everybody! JuniorTennis7 here! Well...who else would be here? This is MY game after all. Well, not really a game. Yes, it's the opening cutscene for Sonic Lost World, and it's strictly based off the real cutscene in the real game. Heck, this whole SERIES is based off the real game. And I know I should have published this earlier. You know, before I published Windy Hill Zone, but since Windy Hill Zone already has over 1000 views, deleting it would probably be the most genius thing I've ever done...Aaaaaaaanyway, go ahead and watch the cutscene! (By the way, all Sonic characters and opening cutscenes belong to Sega.)


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