When It Comes To Shadows, Trust Me; It's Going To Get Suspicious.

Review by jupiterzcries on Sunday, March 4th 2012
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Beneath The Shadows is a game created by startrekzooka

Today I'll be reviewing 'Beneath The Shadows' by Startrekzooka.


Startrekzooka has been a great member, full of inspiration and thoughts. Considering that he's my younger cousin, I wouldn't like to depress him too much. Startrekzooka also has 6 features; 2 featured plats and 4 featured shooters and more specifically, he's a reviewer himself; But Startrek is a boy of interests for he has a lot of complicated games for us to enjoy. To continue, let's talk about the game's details, aspects and design. The reason why I picked the game is because it caught my eye while I was playing it and it will be nice to review a relative's game. 'Beneath The Shadows' was recently featured and it looks quite interesting to play. The title gives a wild and spooky imagination too. But will it deliver? Let's find out within this review.


The Gameplay was a great contribution throughout and I enjoyed it; It was full of fast-paced action and yet, it made it addictive. It gave a suspicious setting throughout. To be honest, it was one of the aspects that caught my eye and that was one of the main reasons why I've chosen the game. I really enjoyed the beginning where you have to sprint to your right before you end up falling in the lava. That gave a really fast-paced action and it included a variety of puzzles and traps; such as the switches which were numerously added throughout; The enemies were alright as well. But if the Gameplay was more challenging like perhaps add more CIosers, it would've stood out in my opinion; It isn't necessary, nor essential but it would be better for it would fit in well with the game. Overall, the Gameplay was yet to be very addictive and fast-paced.

The Puzzles and Traps were very enjoyable and fascinating throughout. Mainly, it was the switches that played a huge contribution in this particular aspect; More importantly, it was one of the best aspects in the game. The CIosers also portrayed a great part in the Traps. Like I said in the first paragraph, The beginning was very enjoyable and it almost stood out to me. You can actually suspect the first Puzzle in the game at the beginning and it made it very fascinating. After a few seconds playing the game, it led into a certain trap which was suspected as a CIoser; now CIosers were numerously suspected in every level in the game but they didn't produce much very often; In other words, they were almost rare. If there was more, it would've stood out in my opinion. But other than that, I actually found it superb and enjoyable. There was loads of Puzzles and Traps well-developed in the game and it caught my eye many times. Overall, it was very fascinating.

The Scenery was amazing throughout the game. It gave a suspicious and spooky setting and it fitted quite well with the title. Everywhere was almost dark but considering it's 8Bit, it was simple to see everything in the game; The best thing about the scenery in the game is that it never ends until the last level. It continues and then it tends to develop. The enemies played a great part in the scenery as well; considering they accommodate the suspicious setting. The tiles were considered to be the same as the background as well and It really made me want to continue the game every so often. It really fitted well throughout and It was numerously found in the game; But if it was darker, it would've stood out more. But then again, it had to be placed in 8Bit to stop the occurence of Lag. It was the only choice he had to decide to make the game productive; But overall, it was perfect and constructive throughout.

The game was somewhere close to original throughout. It was very spooky and suspicious but that's mainly suspected in Startrek's other games nowadays. Not to mention, the game never stopped producing its scenery; It kept going and to be honest, I think this game had the most puzzles and traps out of all his games in my opinion; But that doesn't automatically mean it's original. Likewise, I tend to enjoy it and it was very addictive; But the traps and puzzles working together in the game throughout the beginning could be original in my opinion which specifically was the CIosers and the switches and when they both collide, it made it quite challenging. Overall, it was very tempting but I really enjoyed it so far.

The difficulty in the game was very challenging throughout and the major blame is mentioned to be the Puzzles and Traps suspected in the game. The difficulty was quite higher that average and I've seen a lot of complaints about the game because of this; but I see nothing wrong with a challenging difficulty in my opinion. I think it fits in quite well in the game overall. One of the most effective was occasionally lava and it portrayed a huge advantage throughout; But likewise, there was too much lava present in the game. I would be pleased if he determined to add more health in the game to make it a little easier. It was quite simple and tempting in the first level, to be honest; but the difficulty increased rapidly once it got onto the second level and so on. The enemies were specifically alright and they didn't make much of an advantage of the game too. Overall, it was acceptable and advantageous throughout.

The Placement was quite enthusiastic and pleasurable throughout. I liked it specifically throughout the game; To be honest, this was very high-developed in the game and the enemies were actually a huge contribution in the Placement. I found that very advantageous in a few particular reasons because firstly, it can develop addictiveness in the game giving you an advantage of wanting to continue the perpendicular game. Secondly, it stands out in my opinion. You can imagine that the enemies are there for a reason and you can see that they are all specifically prepared to determine to attack the player in the game. That could possibly be the main reason of why I certainly enjoyed the Placement in the game so far. Overall, it was very well-developed and it was achievable throughout.



-Puzzles & Traps








-Gameplay: ____/_____

The gameplay was very addictive and fast-paced throughout and I really enjoyed the beginning of the game but it needed to be a little more challenging in my opinion to make it stand out even more; but I tend to enjoy it very well. Overall, it was constructive and very impulsive.

-Puzzles And Traps: ___/_____

The Puzzles and Traps were very impulsive and enjoyable throughout and I really approved of the puzzles present in the beginning of the particular game; but to be honest, if there was more cIosers in the game, It would've stood out quite well in my opinion. Overall, It was somewhere acceptable and quite enjoyable.

-Scenery: ____/_____

I really enjoyed the scenery and it was numerously productive throughout; although, it gave a suspicious and spooky setting in the game which likewise always happen in most of Startrek's Platformer games; but certainly, I enjoyed the tiles and background in the game. It could've been dark to make it stand out more but considering it's 8Bit to stop the occurrence of Lag, then it is acceptable in my opinion. Overall, I thought it was pleasurable throughout.

-Addictiveness: _____/_____

The particular game was very addictive in my opinion and I really enjoyed it. The Scenery and the Puzzles and Traps were a huge contribution in this similar aspect. I considered it enjoyable and I suspected it a numerous amount of times throughout the game. The CIosers were similarly really addictive throughout; Overall, I really found it constructive.

-Placement: ____/_____

The Placement present in the game was likewise very pleasurable and interesting. More specifically, the enemies portrayed a huge advantage and contribution in the Placement; It looks as if they are prepared to attack the particular player of the game. It really made it addictive and fast-paced throughout; but the only problem is the cIosers somehow; they were in places where they aren't necessary to be placed like for example, a csplode for simply under a weak tile and there was another weak tile beside it which means you are determined to go through. It isn't really essential but if Startrek decided to stop placing cIosers in unnecessary positions, I would be pleased and it would really stand out quite well in my opinion. Overall, I found it very enjoyable and impulsive.

-Difficulty: __/_____

The difficulty isn't much a major threat for it was quite challenging; I determined to like it but it was very difficult in my opinion; in some certain parts of the game, it could be impossible. If there was more health and less lava, it would've stood out in my opinion; but it still liked it particularly at times. Overall, it was great and somewhere acceptable.

-Originality: ___/_____

It wasn't much of an original game in my opinion but I tend to enjoy it. It wasn't specifically original for a number of particular reasons; Firstly, it was mainly used in most of Startrek's Platformer games. Secondly, some of the puzzles were numerously used every so often; But the start of the game was somewhere original throughout when you suspect both Puzzles and Traps working and colliding together, that was the most enjoyable part, I suppose of the game. Overall, I enjoyed it and it was somewhere productive throughout.

-Overall Rating: ___/_____

The game was very enjoyable and enthusiastic throughout and I determined to consider it addictive. It was very productive and I really enjoyed in my opinion. Overall, it was enthusiastic and constructive.


Well so far, the Puzzles & Traps and The Gameplay was enthusiastic and impulsive. I certainly enjoyed the Scenery strongly and the Addictiveness was very high standard. The Placement was very pleasurable and productive in my opinion; But the Originality and the Difficulty needs a minor improvement to consider it to stand out in my opinion.

Overall, it was constructive and well-productive and very enthusiastic throughout.

So is the game feature-worthy?

I could've said it better myself. Yes, the game is feature-worthy in my opinion. The Puzzles and Traps and the Placement are very essential and yet, they achieved a very high rating; This could catch the player's eye every so often for it was also very addictive in my opinion. Overall, I found it almost unique and very pleasurable.

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Beneath The Shadows Reviewed by jupiterzcries on Sunday, March 4th 2012. When It Comes To Shadows, Trust Me; It's Going To Get Suspicious. - A game review written by jupiterzcries for the game 'Beneath The Shadows' by startrekzooka. Rating: 3