Just A Boy And A Bunch Of Blocks.....what Is Going To Happen Next?

Review by jupiterzcries on Thursday, March 15th 2012
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Ancient Pyramid is a game created by sphnxgames

Hey everybody and I will welcome you to this new review. Today I'll review 'Ancient Pyramid' by Sphnxgames. Let's start with the basics.

On the side note, welcome to my second review. Nuff said

Dah Introduction

Just three weeks ago, I said to myself 'How did this earn over 300 views?' and then, I figured that this game has earned around 6-8 reviews. Speaking of Sphnx, he's quite a talented member who likes to give a shot to earn a feature. Unfortunately, he hasn't; but this game had a fair chance excluding the causes of Lag in the game. Let's get to the review..

Yep, We're on the Review Nao

I'm not too sure of the Gameplay at this stage

The gameplay was fairly good but It didn't occur to me enough in my opinion; How Sphnx made it a little suspicious was great when he added a few enemies to the very beginning of the game; but as you move on forward, you're surrounded by a horde of familiar enemies. It would've been better if Sphnx could remove some enemies to provide more space in the game. Overall, it was somewhere reliable.

The scenery is advantageous; Hopefully this won't let me down

The Scenery in my opinion was great and very likeable; Like my old man used to say 'Nothing better than ketchup on your chips'. What I'm saying here is that Scenery is one of the best aspects around to add on to the game; like adding Ketchup on chips. The scenery in the beginning was fair but once it increase your effort in the game, you'll experience a variety of different scenarios in the game; Especially in the Pyramid. Overall, It didn't let me down.

That's why it's best to have ketchup on your chips. ;P

Well, The difficulty was at all challenging but..

The Difficulty in the game was somewhere average yet challenging in my opinion; From what I've seen, most of the difficulty in the game is caused by the efforts of Lag in the game. I would recommend removing some enemies in the game to even it out; Or maybe it's best to space out the enemies; But yet, it was challenging though when it came to the puzzles in this game. Overall, It just got somewhere fortunate.

Traps were great, Puzzles.. not to the high standard I suppose

The Puzzles And Traps in the game was almost amazing in my opinion. The Traps was a huge contribution to the game; like baby ducklings to ducks if you think it that way. I like how lil' Sphnx arranged the cbleeps in this game, in particular. I suppose this nearly stood out to me in my opinion; but for now, not really. So far, tempting.

How do I describe the Placements, eh?

The Placement unfortunately was almost disappointing in my opinion. I wouldn've enjoyed it if Sphnx spaced out the particular enemies in the game; but from what I've seen with the enemies excluding the mongols and sharks were great and they really stood out in my opinion; So far, a little advantageous.


This game by far had loads of aspects of Lag in the game. I would've liked it if lil' Sphnx removed or spaced out the enemies in the game. Well, you know what they say; you can't have omelets without breaking eggs. Strictly speaking, you can't have a great game without removing the agents of Lag. In particular, the mongols. So far, it wasn't inspirational; a lot of poor efforts that needed to be improved; Lag in particular.

Yesh, it was quite addictive, very frustrating...gah..

The addictiveness was quite challenging and somewhere great in my opinion. I really enjoyed how Sphnx made it challenging based on the Traps and Puzzles at this level. This game can bring you to its shape and features; although you'll have to survive situations like getting sat on a few of the mongols. Well, you know what they say; survival of the fittest. With my best shot, hopefully; I won't have to be put on the weighing scale every so often. Something in common to do with this game in particular. You win, you earn. You lose, you'll have to take drastic measures that even some of the toughest people won't enjoy or approve of. Overall, the addictiveness strives to be yet...addictive. ;P



-Puzzles & Traps







Well, we've made it this far. Hang on tight 'cuz this is gonna get fishy..


Scenery: ___/_____

The scenery was very likeable in my opinion; this counts the scenarios in the pyramid in particular. Overall, a great contribution to this game. And next time, always go for the ketchup. It can come in handy. ;D

Puzzles & Traps: ____/_____

I really enjoyed the Puzzles & Traps in the game especially the little thing called Cbleeps. This is why it's best to stay fit; Only the fittest can survive this game; And all you're looking at when you lose is the Almighty Weighing Scale; The God Of All Obesity. Overall, I tend to enjoy it.

Addictiveness: ___/_____

Let's say it was fairly great. I likewise enjoyed it yet it was very frustrating. Well you know what they say, there's no such thing as 'fair' in Man's country; always stay tough.

Overall, it was a great remix of addictiveness.

Placement: ___/_____

The placement just made fortunate; I could've enjoyed it if lil' Sphnx removed the enemies in the game; Well, it's always nice to be prepared before publishing a game. You may need it, young playas, amigos and readas.

Gameplay: __/_____

Could've been slightly better on the making of this game, I mean enemies are the major disadvantage that has lead into this. If removal occurs, the advantages will then increase; like eggs, chickens and boiling pans. So overall, statistically good. Not much in the side note.

Lag: __/_____

Something missing here. Too much lag. Way too much to handle; if Sphnx removed the enemies in the game that are in the base of the pyramid, I'd be happy to take it for granted. Now, no. I'm going to call the electrician.

last but not least...wait maybe..

Difficulty: __/_____

The difficulty was all over the place; it was ranging from very low to very high. Now that ain't good when it comes to dealing with high measures. If this Sphnx removed the enemies, I'd feel less under pressure and more honored. Overall, just below fortunate.

Overall Rating: __.71428571/_____

It was a good game full of statistic effort but somehow, he hid it under the dirt and he didn't throw the dirty socks in the bin. Metaphorically speaking, he possibly rushed through the game and he forgot to test the game again to spot any errors he could remove. But everyone makes these kind of mistakes these days.

Overall, fortunate.

Conclusion & is it feature worthy

Very hard to say actually. There was a huge bunch of dirty clothes on the floor he forgot to clean and tidy. Next time, he should try tying the shoes or die trying.

Overall, it was acceptable but onwards, non-feature worthy.

And don't forget to-

bell rings

Oh Gawd, home time. I'll tell you in the next review.

See you then.

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Ancient Pyramid Reviewed by jupiterzcries on Thursday, March 15th 2012. Just A Boy And A Bunch Of Blocks.....what Is Going To Happen Next? - A game review written by jupiterzcries for the game 'Ancient Pyramid' by sphnxgames. Rating: 2