No Mushrooms, No Goombas, No Cannons, No Annoying Turtles, No Bowser. Perfect!

Review by jupiterzcries on Wednesday, May 23rd 2012
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Jumpy 2 is a game created by patelio03

Adios,amigos. You're looking at Jupi's 4th review; the kind of review you won't mess with. Hopefully.

We might even come across rainbows, hippies and the rising sun. Who knows?

We might even have to deny the potential in this game.

But yes, I have potential.

The reason why I have potential is because the game's title caught my eye. Now let me show you how this game works while you examine this review for any grammatical errors or mistakes. Don't worry, I won't let you down. Hopefully.


clicks coin~ Kaching! ~victory dances

The scenery has potential and my estimate has been calculated correctly.

It's just like Mario Bros, the game where you fear of Bowser kidnapping your princess; but this ain't a game about rescuing a princess, it's all about money.

Well, you might say ''It's just one coin for heaven's sakes..'' but particularly, it still counts as Money.

A money saved is a money earned.

I liked how the background reflects with the foreground though. That is the kind of shock that surprises me.

Potential(Scenery): ~ticks box~

There we see it, a game full of adventure and beyond. A coin can make a guy happy. That could be that guy in the game right there.

Although there was very little space, it made it quite decent but not as great. I advise Patty to expand it a bit more if you get the picture.

Tip: Don't erase Picture

Although, it is still entertaining and repetitive.

Potential(Gameplay): ~N/A~

Mario and his adventures are always addictive..

that's why they produce sequels to entertain the consumer.

It's the same with Jumpy, ain't it addictive?

I'd say close enough; more than half mark. It just didn't make it out of the trash can yet.

But what would really entertain you more?

A Time Limit could entertain you more.

Btw, I have 5 seconds. I need to eat a sandwich. Then I'll be right back.

So in conclusion, the addictiveness was well portrayed but not right there; the new block features made it quite challenging, yet addictive though. That could slightly entertain even the angriest people in the world.

Potential(Addictiveness): ~ticks box~

opens envelope~ ~Well, looks like it's time to announce the score of Postman Pat's joyful game 'Jumpy 2'. Time flies, doesn't it?


Creativity: _______/__________

7/10: I liked it but I don't think it was fully exciting, the overflow of block features like red blocks were good but the space was quite small and the background didn't get up to its full potential.

Originality: ______/__________

6/10: I liked the concept, it reminds me of a mario mini-game which I enjoyed playing when I was a young kid back in the mid 90s but every level is just the same, but new features are introduced which is good but I expected the same with the scenery or perhaps an overdue to expansion.

Addictiveness: _______/__________

7/10: You might say 'not bad', I would say 'incredible'.

I really liked it, what kept me going was the beautiful polluted scenery and the sensational blocks.

~Inspiring~ - Jupiter

Although, it didn't get as far yet, I would improve it by adding a Time Limit to the last few levels to create an individual challenge for the frustrated player to eliminate his key. The Coin.

Score: ______.6666666666(recurring)/__________


~opens another envelope~ %&(&(^*&%&(*^$%^*&%%



Da Conclusion

plays dramatic music

There is a couple things I would like to say about this game. Yes, it was very artificial and well-portrayed to the fact that the concept was diligent.

In my sixteen years, I never seen a game like this; However, the idea behind the game should have been expanded further.


-The game had an amazing concept and was original to that point of view.

-The introduction to each blocks in every levels were very productive.

-Inspiring; as I said before, I've never seen a Physics game as great as this so far in sixteen years of my life.


-Too repetitive, same in every level.

-the background had a few flaws. It could have been extended.

-The idea should have expanded. Patty should progress further in my opinion.

Ladies and Readers, ain't this a feature worthy game or not, brotha?

No, I'd say this because there is a lot of important basics to improve on, nevertheless a well constructive concept. Patty should have improved it further.

So, round of applause to Patelio03. =D

well, it's time to relax in the sun under 37 degrees of boiling weather, bye!

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Jumpy 2 Reviewed by jupiterzcries on Wednesday, May 23rd 2012. No Mushrooms, No Goombas, No Cannons, No Annoying Turtles, No Bowser. Perfect! - A game review written by jupiterzcries for the game 'Jumpy 2' by patelio03. Rating: 3