Aqua City Past

By justintaylor1 :: Friday April 27th, 2012


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Back in the day, Aqua City was a peaceful and beautiful place filled with plenty of fish and secrets to be explored. Stop that transporter or else the future will look very grim.... Now, for those of you who gets stuck, here are some helpful hints to get you started ^^ *If you can tell, then this won't be necessary, but just in case you can easily sneak past all the aquatic baddies near the beginning ^^ *At the highest area where there are 3 spikes, you may see nothing but if you wait for a bit a platform will arrive and take u up towards the roof. on both sides you'll see spikes. On the lft side is an extra life while on the right is health. Your gonna have to have Double Jump to reach them both. *In the Coral Reef area, your gonna have to be smart. You only have a limited amount of Grenades and a bunch of switches to try to turn off the doors blocking the Exit. Your gonna need to turn off an Orange one...touching a Green one will cause the Green to turn on over ALL the Orange switches, stopping you from switching them on. Stay on your toes here, and you will have a straight shot to the Goal. If you do this right, and with practice, you can get a fast time here. So enjoy the Past version of Aqua City!


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