Fire Factory Bad Future

By justintaylor1 :: Saturday July 26th, 2014


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Sorry if it lags. Dont usually does that. QQ This is by far the HARDEST Bad Future level I made (Topping that of Aqua City Bad Future). You must be careful at all times and have very good reflexes like at the very beggining where you must swing over the lava to reach the other side. Just keep a steady pace and you should be ok. (for music, use shadow the hedgehog-lava shelter extended on youtube. Trust me, it works ^_^) Oh yea, here is some other hints to help out: *When you reach the Checkpoint, Stay there for awhile after you pick up the Grapple Beam, and another one will appear where you are standing. Just do this for as long as you like until you think you got enough! X3 If you've noticed, when you die but you have lives to spare, you will spawn at the Checkpoint without ANY weapons. this is a disadvantage since there are a bunch of turret drones and some big bad Fire dudes lurking around! the best thing to do is to try to get as far as you can before you die... the more ground you cover, the easier it is to backtrack when you do go down! ^^


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