Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed Final

By justintaylor1 :: Saturday August 2nd, 2014


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Get ready to face the final boss on the Death Egg! Sonic must steel himself becausxe now the real fight begins! Here are some helpful hints ^^: *ShockEgg is a tough one to beat. Eggman is too far up for Homing Attack and he is also shooting Neutron Bombs that will seek out anything that has electricity in it. if you've already figured it out, nice! for those who hasnt, its ok. here is a tip. When Eggman shoots the neutron bombs, just stay put at a safe distance. how this goes will be that the bombs will bounce off the bottom and start to float up near Eggman. This is your time to "steer" them into Eggman! Make sure to do this once they are way clear from you, or else you will be getting a nasty shock! X3 *EggOmega: Ok, this is it! EggOmega is tough and right at the bat you will find yourself in a pickle. He will shoot 3 lasers at you. the trick here is to jump right when the 2nd laser (middle one) passes. This will get you clear from the last one (Ground laser)The best way to do this is to quickly run to the end and then jump to towards the EggOmega right before the ground laser hits you. If you time it right, you will not get hit by any of the lasers, but be careful not to touch EggOmega! After you survive this though, watch out for the onslaught he shoots. The hitbox is also very small, but try to aim for its face. You gonna have to get a good "jump" to do so... *EggOmega 2: Ok, now we're really getting scared! Now Eggman is launching lasers in a slanted angle, making it harder to dodge. just dash or jump through the gaps and remember to aim for that face! Repeat this step and you will beat Eggman once and for all! X3 Good luck! (Oh, yea, there is no music to the EggOmega Final boss, but here a recommendation: use Sonic 3 and Knuckles final boss theme on Youtube. trust me, i've tryed it and it worked! Plus it give it that tense feeling when facing a final boss, lol.)


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