Crushing Defeat

By k1ll3r47 :: Friday October 1st, 2010


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You were in your basement. Suddenly you heard a noise behind you. You turned around to see that nothing was there. You had an odd though. So you walked back to were you were. You heard another noise. You looked again but this time was different. You saw something, so you slowly walked over there. And it was a rat. "Phew" You said. You turned around and in your face was a man. You screamed. He hit you and you fell to the ground. A few hours later... you woke up... feeling odd. "Uhhhhh"! You said. On your chest was a tape. You played it and a voice said: "That once he opened the basement door a series of large explosives would detonate." You took the risk. But before that. You called a friend. He was a retired Air Force man. You told him about what happened. He landed a helicopter on your roof. He said the rest was on your own. Good luck. Will you survive this nightmare, or will you detonate before you get to the helicopter.


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