Ralph Kidd 2

By kalbright3275 :: Friday April 27th, 2018


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Ralph Kidd is back and better than ever! An all-new adventure with new unique, professional textures and never-before-seen powers, and friendly guardians, in a world of chaos and peace. Alternatively, Ralph “teams up” with a professional Magic Spell expert to put an end to the chaos of the baddies’ world destruction using the hidden Jewelry Collectibles, which can harm the innocent life in New Eastern Island in the wrong hands! Help Ralph rescue his animal friends and human guardians and collect all eight Jewelry Collectibles before they get into the baddies’ hands! There’s no time to wait; there’s some friends to rescue! Are you up 2 it? © Copyright 1990 by Nintendo of America, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not distribute. Created by Sploder Team and Kimani H. Albright. "Ralph Kidd 2" is a kalbright3275 arcade game. This version is revised April 26, 2018.

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