Ralph Kidd 3

By kalbright3275 :: Tuesday October 15th, 2019


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"The biggest, most exciting Ralph Kidd™ adventure yet!" The Baddies are at it again! Brainbot and his evil Baddie companions have taken over 8 worlds out of North Island with mortal chaos and have kidnapped Ralph's mother in Brainbot's Castle. Not only that, they also captured many guardians and animal friends inside chests to be trapped forever. "Good luck," they said cheerfully to Ralph and his friends before this happened sooner. Now it is up to him and his friends to rescue their guardians and animal friends, and squash Brainbot, his companions, and his army forces for good—in order to save his mother from torturing peril. Moreover, each country's king has been transformed by each of Brainbot's companions, stealing their Jewelry Collectible. Get the Jewelry Collectibles to transform each king back to his human form, defeating each evil companion! © Copyright 1991 by Nintendo of America, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not distribute. Created by Sploder Team and Kimani H. Albright. "Ralph Kidd 3" is a kalbright3275 arcade game. This version is revised September 17, 2019.

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