Is He The Master Of Chaos?

Review by killer47 on Saturday, August 14th 2010
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Master Of Chaos. is a game created by liv33vil

Liv was a very talented game maker. On March 13 liv left sploder, along with his great games. A few weeks ago Liv came back to this site. And this is his first game back. Did liv skip a beat?

No liv didn't. In fact I tested the game before it was published for liv. This game was nearly perfect. It had Lots of action, and great puzzles. There are also traps, when you think you are gonna win, but you go the wrong way, and end up having to start over again. This game was fun and addicting. And had extreme challenges. The way Liv placed those puzzles, makes the game so fun, and addicting.

The reason I say nearly perfect is because this game had nothing new. But even tho it had nothing new, it doesn't mean he didn't remaster some of the older puzzles and traps. This game had little to no lag. It had perfect length, everything. A good map, I could name so many reasons why this game is so amazing. Liv I must tell you that this game is amazing. It has a great map, great puzzles and traps, Good remastered traps, almost everything. If there was something new, I would have gave the game a perfect score.



Awesome game Liv. I can't say enough about this game! It was Jaw dropping. And Liv33vil I must say, you have not missed a beat. :)