Just... Keep... Jumping

Review by killer47 on Saturday, June 12th 2010
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Jump is a game created by thrash56

Even Tho, this game has no enemies, this game has something new, to bring to platformers. Traps and puzzles. You can tell that it what the game is all about, Traps and puzzles. If you really look in to this game you can surly see what the the first puzzles were for platformer. Once you look at this game you can see the map is like a tall tower.

This game reminds me of a roller coaster. It has some ups, downs, and all a rounds. The object of this game is to make it to the top of the tower, and then finally, jump down to reach the first and only crystal. One of the traps, is if you fall you will land on a bunch of hot blocks. If you fall one to many times you will end up with a Mission Failure. Also if you jump to far you will come crashing down.

The only overall con was, length. This game is about a 50 second-to 1 minute Game. If this game was another minute or so, this would have made the game alot better. For me knowing Thrash, he likes to make long plats, but this game was still what platformer is today. Also another thing was, there was no enemies. Zero. Zip. Nadda. Now lets get to the good things on this game. This game is what sploder's most addicting thing to play. Puzzles. It had pretty much every known one. You name it. This game was fun, had no lag, and is what sploder is craving today.


93% _________:

Thrash made a great puzzle game. Jump. But the one thing he should have added was, a little more length. Don't get me wrong, this game was good, but I Would have love to see it, if it were longer.

Great Game Thrash.