The Nelatronic

By kingemicalo :: Friday July 27th, 2018


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The Nelatronic: is a platform game created by Raileigh Mitchell (Kingemicalo). This has went up the charts on sploder as its the greatest platform game on Sploder ever made i'm proud of myself for that. This game has 22 Stages which is LEVEL 1 Stage 1: A Tutorial Land Stage 2: The Chocolate Factory Stage 3: Silver City Stage 4: Miles in Desert Stage 5: The Computer Factory Stage 6: The Lava Cave Stage 7: The Future Boss LEVEL 2 Stage 1: Antarctica Stage 2: Sewers, to Stage 5 Stage 6: The Trench, to Stage 7 LEVEL 3 Stage 1: The Can Dump, to Stage 2 Stage 3: The Waterful Paradise, to Stage 7 LEVEL 4 Stage 1: The Final Boss. Released Date: 20 July 2018 Made by Country: New Zealand.

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