By kingert :: Thursday April 9th, 2015


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Finally, :)The Game has been publish and it took more than 2 week for creating the game. I hope you like the game, the game is difficult but try, hope you can complete the game. Story: You are a normal guy, and you have gone to The Great Circusā˜… in the universe and you laugh too then you going to your home but the Main Joker of the Circus has been offer you that if you work on his circus you will get $1,00,000 in a single month. So you accepted, but he has betrayed you after a month he has not given your the fees so you asked, so he told to you "come with us to our headquarter" you thought that he will give the fees right now but when he take you there was a teleporter to a mysterious dangerous island called Wonderland - "The land of joker" and then kept you in a large prison. And, you can't go your home or say it impossible. Because, Wonderland was in a different planet and it is beside the Pluto but it is invisible for always. There is only way to get you in the Earth and it is you have to escape and go to the teleporter. (NOTE: If you found a glitch message me on my forum- and get a MS GOLD AWARD for joining and for glitch you will get a MS SLIVER AWARD) [NOTE: THE WINNER WILL GET 5 MS GOLD WARD BECAUSE THE GAME HAS ONLY A SINGLE LEVEL AND A INVITATION TO JOIN MY FORUM:)] {NOTE: IF ANYBODY CAN MAKE WALKTHROUGH OF THE GAME PERFECTLY HE/SHE WILL GET 1 MS GOLD AWARD WITH A TRIBUTE}If you are a editor and you like the game so don't forget to send platinum award to the creator and feature it. If you are a reviewer and you like the game so don't forget to write a good review on it. >>See you in the leaderboard!>> *Sploder Game Review: Episode 41 -*


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