[#1]Going Backwards Is For Nubs! [Reviewer Application]

Review by kingoffangdams on Sunday, November 23rd 2014
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BOB is a game created by mat7772

Hi! This is Kingoffangdams with my application for the role of reviewer! The game I'll be reviewing, as you can probably already tell, is a well known game called 'BOB' by the Princess who is Mat7772. So first thoughts looking at the thumbnail, BOB is a little robot guy who must advance through the puzzling levels within the game. You pass through red gate things, you cannot go back, so they're basically one-way doors for the Physics Creator. Credit to Mat for the invention of a new concept on Sploder, as there has never been anything like that at all.

So first thoughts while playing this game, it seems a lot like the old Club Penguin game, in which you go across the ice and they melt behind you and there's no going back, so I'd definitely say this is a puzzle game. A lot of logic and thinking should go into playing the levels so that you don't mess up, to get that quickest time everyone wants. Being slightly intelligent for my age, I love a good puzzle game so this game got off to a good start.


Moving on to the all important game-play, (something that all games need) now. So as I started off I instantly knew this is never something I've ever played on Sploder before, a totally new concept, one that I don't think anyone's managed to create (from what I know of so far). It doesn't seem like a game that requires intense trial and error, trying to dodge enemies or jump a ledge, it takes more strategy and thinking to beat this game, and having strategy in a game like this made it a lot less frustrating than a lot of games, so it was different to most others that I've played. The difficulty was fairly steady, getting harder every time, but altogether, this game was significantly easier than other features on the site, but being such a beginner gamer, I preferred it this way as I could actually get past the first level. My only advice on the difficulty was to make the mazes slightly harder to advance through. The happy tune of the music gave it a nice touch though, as it adds to the simple yet fun effect Mat intended this game to have. As for the concept, I really liked it. It was fresh, it was addicting, and you could get your brain around what to do, so overall it was sweet. The only flaw with this game was that you could see the initial spawner in which the one-way doors would appear, you could simply solve this by moving it back a layer, as it was too distracting and hypnotising trying to get through these levels while keeping your eye away from the fading red rectangles having a spasm on my screen. The rest of it was pretty much in tip-top condition. The only hazards in this game were the incorrect paths you could potentially choose and get yourself blocked off from where you need to be.

Design and Visual Appeal

The design of this game was very plain to be honest. There were coloured walls, a white background and a robot graphic for BOB, which, I have to say, is nicely chosen. But being a puzzle game you don't want it too fancy because you focus more on playing than the design, and Mat did this well. You don't want neon flashing lights and tons of background detail, it makes the game too distracting


Was BOB addicting? It certainly was, not denying that. Even when I tried so hard but kept losing (on the later levels obviously :P). I continued to try again and again, as I found the game really fun. Puzzle games are addicting, and Mat has clearly shown this in BOB.

It's now the time to list the pros and cons, no going back now (because there's a red gate stopping me haha).

The Pros

Addicting - I could play for hours if there was enough levels to take me that long.

Difficulty - The difficulty of BOB is just right to be fun for most ages on sploder, and it worked quite well for me.

Pleasant to play - Nice choice of design and music.

Flaw rarity - There weren't many downs in BOB, like a game should be.


Layer glitch - Gate spawners dangled about while I was trying to play.

Mazes - They could've been slightly harder to get around.


Game play - ____.5/_____:
Design - ____/_____:
Puzzle - ____.5/_____:
Addictiveness - _____/_____:

Overall rating...

BOB, do the maths!


An amazing ____.5/_____:

Final thoughts

Okay, so this was a really appealing game on so many levels. It is now one of my favourite PPG games on sploder, meaning it's one of my all time favourites! If you haven't already, I highly recommend playing this right now, you won't be let down!

Would I feature this? I certainly would, if it wasn't already! Congrats Mat!


BOB Reviewed by kingoffangdams on Sunday, November 23rd 2014. [#1]Going Backwards Is For Nubs! [Reviewer Application] - A game review written by kingoffangdams for the game 'BOB' by mat7772. Rating: 5