Chayla in her PE Shorts 6

By ladiesman627 :: Sunday June 27th, 2010


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The final Chayla game has arrived at last! For those of you new Sploder members, you might not remember back last year around this time when I started the Chayla series, which tells the story of a girl called Chayla and her gym shorts that get her into trouble with not only her school, but ghosts and demons as well. For those of you who remember the other five games, here is the final story. Chayla has met a new friend, Gordon, a bald guy who can talk to the dead, and they team up in order to stop Weltgeist. After talking to the many demons, dryads, and other magical creatures that he demanded they talk to, Chayla's skills are finally in tune. At this time, Chayla goes to Weltgeist's lair, ready to defeat him and her problems once and for all. A bloody battle ensues, and many magical creatures are killed. Finally, it's just Chayla and Weltgeist. Gordon has been hurt to the point of nearly dying, and Chayla has to fend for herself as Weltgeist attacks. The fight results in Chayla dying. Gordon gains enough strength to mourn the death of his friend, but it's not over yet. The dead still have a few secrets left, and they give Chayla life with the power of the dead itsself! Many of them are limited on earth, but they all know that they helped to contribute to a mighty cause. Chayla regains life and kills Weltgeistt by tearing his sould out and eating it. Now, Chayla is free to wear gym shorts without any ghosts bothering her, but she still has to face her gym teacher, the crazy lady with the curly red hair!


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