Review by lahdeedah on Monday, July 19th 2010
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Spartan II is a game created by omega

Now, I haven't really played many of Omega's games so I didn't really know what he was capable of until this. People seem to struggled coming up with ideas for 3D games. Omega showed some creativity in this game. It wasn't really that amazing though.

Let me start off with what's wrong with the game. The first level, it had a pretty cool layout. It was also pretty fun to play. But it wasn't fun to play the same level over and over again. There is practically no difference between the first level, third level, last level, or any of the other ones. Maybe there's a different enemy. There was just shockers placed all over the game, with health place all throughout the levels. In my opinion, if Omega made the levels different, this could of been an amazing game for the 3D game creator. But it's just the sheer fact that it's the same level over and over. There also wasn't really much of a plot, but if there was an interesting plot, it would of drew me more into the game. Playing the same level isn't. It also wasn't really much of a challenge considering there were so many shockers placed, that it took out almost all the enemies for me.

The good about this game, is that I thought the first level was brilliant. Maybe he could of fit a trap here or there, but the first level was great. It just gets old playing it over and over. There was also little to no lag into this game that I experienced. There was nice placement too. I really think Omega has true potential as a 3D game maker if he could spice up the levels a little more.

This game could of been great, but was nothing more than average. I would of rather played 2 different levels instead of 5 of the same. Don't get me wrong, this game wasn't terrible, but nothing special.


Nice level design

No lag


Same level over and over

Not really a challenge

I thought this game could of been a lot better.