Epic Pool Party

By levelorange011 :: Monday August 6th, 2012


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It's time I hosted my first Pool Party after 500 some games, so here it is! After learning all there is to know about physics, I bring you the Epic Pool Party! You can control the basic character (Me) with the arrow keys. Then, meh buddy Alone here can be controlled with the WASD keys and, yes, can fly vertically and can sink them all or smack the water hard with the S key. Hint: with the S key you can make one heck of a splash on the water slide. Then, there is also Geoff, being the technical "god" of sploder, I gave him one of god's qualities: the ability to fly. Coltrol him with the IJKL keys, but he can not fly downwards. With these qualities and characters, hang out with the other 7 characters and have a good time. Jump off the diving board, go down the slide, have a diving contest, whatever it is you feel the need to do. The whole point of this unbeatable game is to have fun and hang out with the big guys. I hope you like the Epic Pool Party.


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