Olympic High Jump

By levelorange011 :: Friday August 17th, 2012


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Rally up your friends and play a 2-8 player game of Olympic High Jump! Drag the bar next to the colored areas and try to clear the bar! Move forward with the D key and backwards with the A key, and jump with either the up or W key. Also, tap or hold z during a jump to get a boost. How to multiplayer play: First, each choose a country. This country you will represent in this olympic event. Choose an order to jump in. For example, take a die and roll it to determine. Then, keep the bar at lowest. Go in the order to try to jump over the bar. If all of you make it, go move it up one notch. If not, only the people that made it go to the next round. Do this until one player is left. He is the winner. His country wins gold. The person before him to be elimanated gets silver, and the person before him wins bronze. Then, you can raise the bar if you are the last player left and try to clear it. My olympic record is jumping over the last bar, try to tie it. Also, in single player mode (Only you playing) you can practice for the event. Train and train for minutes and minutes to take on the olympics and defend your country. And most important, have fun! I hope you like my Olympic event.


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