World Domination .. Projectiles

By levelorange011 :: Sunday February 26th, 2012


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These are the projectiles for my new game "Destroy The Tower World Domination". The descriptions go from left to right, starting from the top going down. So, we start at the top left, go to the top right, then the next row down to the left, the one to the right of that, so on and so on. Starting off is the Traditional Wood Sphere. It can be crushed on impact and is the basic projectile. The next one is the triple shot. It shoots 3 projetiles in 1, but utterly small. The next one is the Speed Shot. It butshoots super fast. The next one is the Duo Shot. It shoots 2 bigger projectiles (Bigger than the tri shot, but smaller than the regular shot). The next one is the quadruple shot. It shoots 4. The next one is the Mega Shot. It the same as the shot, except 3 times bigger. The next one is the Explosive Shot. On contact it explodes. The next one is the Cheat Shot. On contact, it removes all blocks it touches and goes through them. The next one is the Regular Laser. It is any old laser. The next is the Tri-Laser, which shoots 3 lasers in one. The next is the 16-Shot. Yes, 16. They need to be practically microschopic to be fair. The next is the Size-Shot. It shoots 3 shots, 1 regular size, one small-medium size, and one plain small. The next is the Spike. It is regular, but it's shape is designed for cutting objects. The next one is called Stream. It shoots 10 small shots in a row. The next one is the Explosive Brick. It explodes on expire, like a time bomb. The next one is the Collecting Box. It works as the Cheat Shot. The next one is the Party Shot. It is a regular shot, except for it's awesome look. The last one is the Mystery Shot. On contact with an enemy you lose. These are all the projectiles. Note that only some are in the game. So, I am about 32% There, I just started level 3, but there is nothing on it yet. So, see you later!


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