Necrosis By Rooney10: An Ace Game

Review by levelorange011 on Sunday, May 13th 2012
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Necrosis is a game created by rooney10

Okay, guys, I have been dying to make my first review. And searching through games, I found one I almost have to review for you guys out there. It is by none other that Rooney10 himself, and is called Necrosis, by Rooney10.

So, when you think of Rooney10, what do you see? I, and probably you, see a skilled shooter maker. He has some talent with that template. He can turn nothing into an exciting adventure for us to explore. He can make the perfect combo of puzzle and action to make something we all enjoy. He is pretty amazing. Who better to start a review on? I searched through his games, labeling the "Hard" and "Easy", when I came across a good-fit game for me to play. It was called "Necrosis" by Rooney10. It sounds convincing enough. By Rooney10, it must be pretty good. I had my pick. The judge has reached the verdict. So, let's play!

I awake to an area of the playing field isolated. There is a good balance of enemies for the tad bit I played. Right away the mortars come rolling in, ready to fire. The amount of enemies was perfect from here. Not too many that you will die, like most games, but also not too many traps or overloads on enemies. Honestly, I want all games like this. No puzzle to it. In a shooter, we do not want puzzle. Yet, after 5 years of shooters, we decided to make a difference. I just want things back the way they were. Just like this examples. That must be a humongous bonus for the score. Continuing on, the portal goes to a curving entrance. Good. It keeps you excited for what is up next but not bored. Great, and I mean GREAT job so far. It is perfect in almost every category. As I go on, after while I meet a dead end and a switch. This is an amazing concept for Gameplay. The thing that happens is your mind transverses. It shifts to excitement. "What is next," you wonder to yourself. It gets you curious. Then, your fingers move to action and you open that door. Here comes a LOT of action. Particles flying, many pixels, mind boggling with explosion. A bit of an overload, I may comment that overloads are not good at all. They add too many enemies to the mix. But with that being minor, this game is still great. After all, no game can be perfect. And after that is taken care of, it closes out the extravaganza of enemies and reverts to calm. Except for the turrets, which are perfect for the game area that you would be in. After that, I kinda died out. King T-Rex has reached his extinction. But for what I got to play with, I liked it. It was pretty darn fun, and had ace strategies. And now for the categories.

First up is Gameplay. I had so so much fun while playing this, I wish I wouldn't have died. Probably one of the funnest shooters ever for me. I have to give this a good vote. Bravo here! By far, this is the most excelled category in this game. Actually, not by far...

...As the other categories, such as this one, placement, dominate as well! Great job here. Each enemy was placed perfectly for the game to work. Not perfect on the amount, because at some parts there was bits of overloads, but besides that, it couldn't have been more perfect.

Scenery? Do I have to even say how perfect it was? AMAZING here. It was the absoute 1,000ths of a percent right on. No art game, but had a factor of art to it. Plus, I hate when they put it like this in a game, with mudpolys, hotpolys, bouncepolys, whatever junk they can put here. If you shall do it like this, you gotta do it right. So for that, you aced it.

And Lag. I experienced little to no lag. I figured there would be some, with how big the game is, but like Red Planet RPG, I experienced no lag. 'Nuff said.

The last, coming up, is Puzzles and traps. Honestly, I could have had more puzzle aspect to it. Honestly, The puzzle was few and as was the traps. But yet, like I said before, a true shooter has no traps. So, you are good with traps, but I could've expected more puzzles from you.

So, wrapping this up, I will rate it, call me crazy, 1 to 1,000. With games like this, I need to get the very, VERY specific pieces. If I do get a 950 , it is aced. So, pretty many categories will be aced, because from what I have seen here today, from rooney10, Necrosis has passed the test, and excelled in great amounts. Specificied, I will tell you what I gave this AMAZING game.

Gameplay: 986/1000

Placement: 975/1000

Scenery: 995/1000

Lag: 942/1000

Puzzles & Traps: 881/1000

Overall (Average): 956 (Rounded, 955.8 for exact).

Feature Worthy?

Heck YES!!! This game showed be a true great game. Not come short game with no play. Not some boring art game with no concept. Nothing but the olden days of sploder, where games with real concept, fun, and gameplay exisisted. This game has taught me valuable lessons. This was a learning experience for me. This has inspired me to get back to making shooters as I did in the demo long long ago. Those were the good days. And nobody has missed it until it fractured our website. They never cared about earth until the hole in the ozone layer. They never cared about good sploder games until they became no concept pieces of junk. The moral of this review is to take action before it becomes a problem. Don't make the same mistake we made about our games. I will see you next time, and for now, goodbye! This was only my first review, so feedback is highly appreciated.