Energy, By Defensified

Review by levelorange011 on Sunday, May 13th 2012
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Energy is a game created by defensified

Game: Energy

Artist: Defensified

Type: Shooter

Defensified only has one other game, which I have played. I know from my experience with his games this one will be a good one. I believe he has struck with another great game. I only heard good comments about it. Defensified is only mere Level 7, with but 2 games, but he makes the best shooters i've seen on Sploder. I sense he will grow to be a great game maker (As if he already isn't, which he is really good right now.) I hope to see him reach the stars on his journey through game making. As for the game, I could obviously tell it was a Shooter. Yet, with over 2,000 plays, and only 2 wins? This one must be another hard one, similar to that of Presicion. As I clicked the start button, I saw a world of amazing physics. A wonder of the world. A true game. I could tell it was no art game. Sweet! Art shmart, why does everybody adore it? Art takes out the fun of the game. The game is what matters, not the intracite designes with polygons. Let's play!!!

Ah, the picker upper. The image that makes the player hold on close to the game, then realize that the screenshot made the game look great, but the game totally blew. Although, showing a sign of truth to defensified, this was not the case. The screenshot was nothing to gasp over, but the game was to die for, just like it should be. A full honest screenshot. Can I just say the placement was perfect from here so far? Perfect for a Shooter to be. Not to pizazz, but it did spice the game up a bit. I could see areas to improve, but so far the game was just amazing. So, after then I got past the beginning. I like the idea of the placement being a bit decorative, but it was not as good as the beggining. Still, it was good. The placement shown was good for difficulty, and really spiced the place up. Then when I got past there I got to some hallways. I liked this idea, not as much decoration. What I didn't like with the before decor was that it took up a lot of space, but it was very few in count. This was edited and partly fixed further on, which I like. So far, nothing crazy bad has happened. But the bug meisters, in my opinion, have to go. I always never liked em. They worked pretty good where you placed them, giving it a good placement bonus, but none the less, I thought they didn't fit with the tech theme. I have seen traps, fire, turrets, and them bug meisters. which does not belong? Still, it was not nearly as bad as other ways of placing it. If you had placed them in another place, it would have wrecked the game. But happily, it only scratched it. So far, nothing major is to report. I have to say, Defensified has talent. Nice game so far in. This game is really doing good. I have a feeling this game will get a good rating. As I continue, I see some Disruptors. Always good for a game. Good for any game, disruptors fit with many themes. And after this point, I have died.

Now to move to Placement. Really nicely done. I an speechless. Each enemy was in just the right spot to continue the game's flow. I have to give him a round of applause on this one. He really outdid himself. Nice job. You really rocked. There was well arrangements wherever you went. Around each corner came a new challenge, each different from the first. There were some spots to stop and catch your breath. This game had the best placement I have ever seen in my life. From the part I got to play, it was astonishing. There was placement of enemies at good spots, turning points in the game, but yet not to much, nor to little. This was by far the best subject I found in his game, and I give it a well done.

Now for scenery. Scenery was ace in the beggining. I have to say, with most games it has too much to handle for me. You do not want your game to be a beauty pagent. It needs to stay nice, but never overloaded. Overloaded is bad. You never want your game to have little game, and all art (Unless you made an art game). But for the game this is supposed to be, it was far out great. As for further on, it got a little too colorful. It would have been better to have less than to have too much. I was not as impessed later on. But still, nice job. You made the scenery nice, but there was some ways to improve.

Ah, the Puzzles & Traps paragraph. Well, this game rocked. There was some puzzles in the game in which you had a choice to make. It really takes skill to put puzzle in a Shooter. And that is just what Defensified did. He wow'd the crowd with his skill in making a visual aspect of puzzle. As for the traps, not very many. But yet, traps are not as good as puzzle. I could see where there were interpretated traps, by the disruptors and the mudpolys, but not as many, just as a good shooter should be. Nice job

And the lag category. Always the shortest. In the beginning, lag was pretty bad. I suspect you had many switchpolys, which made for a cool effect, but slowed down the performance a bit. Still, not too shabby, And, as suspected, it got better later on. It lagged a tad bit when I was at a corner, but that is as suspected. No game can go without that aspect. Lag was not amazingly small, but not horribly bad. It was pretty moderate.

So, feature worthy or not? To me, this was a brilliant game that was deserved to be in it's featured posistion. There were the goods and the bads, but it turned out very excellent. I am very proud of the author, and he should keep up the good work.


-Great puzzle

-Puzzles placement

-Enemy placement




-Lag was not so great

-Scenery was a bit to much

...That's it. I didn't expect to have many cons, as I only had 2.


Placement: 10/10

Scenery: 8/10

Puzzles & Traps: 9.5/10

Lag: 8/10

Overall (Average): 9.1/10

Great game ... wait, no. More than great. Amazing game. Yes. Amazing game, Defensified. I do hope you keep up the great work and continue with games like these. You will grow up to be an amazing game maker. I have fath in you and all of your games. Thanks for all of your time here.


Energy Reviewed by levelorange011 on Sunday, May 13th 2012. Energy, By Defensified - A game review written by levelorange011 for the game 'Energy' by defensified. Rating: 5