Evolving Wings Of Platformer

Review by levelorange011 on Sunday, October 7th 2012
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Blue Morpho is a game created by chimera55

Evolving Wings Of Platformer: Blue Morpho By Chimera55

Hello, once again. It 's me, LevelOrange011, and I am here to give an epic beyond porportions game it's worthy review, Blue Morpho, by Chimera55. This game earned it's marvelous review, for the fact I saw it to excell among the best of the platformer games.

Game: Blue Morpho

Author: Chimera55

Template: Platformer


Chimera55 is a member with great quality. She is best known on the forums but also substantually makes appearances on the MS, creating beyond ultimate PPG's. But, as soon as a Platformer was shone apon, thoughts slurred in my mind. How will the game be laid out? How will it resemble her other great games? Is she good all-around? Will this be just another awesome platformer? Will she use all she's got to make the most entertaining, thrilling, apealing game possible? The only solving to the situation was to forther endure the experience by playing it for my self. Alas, only one comment was left to determine my gameplay enjoyment. But, as the comment was said, I must predict I will be blown away by the forceful gust of Blue Morphus.


As soon as I was simulated into the shoes of the Platformer Charater, I was faced with the intricate design that the introduction holds. Could have been better, although I was very impressed. I grazed the terrain of the level floor with confidence of a impopular, worthy game to review. First, the dusk sands of the inferior life containing it. Then, the rocky peaks of the apocalypse, one chance to shine. The level faced me with two themes of artistic development to trot into the wanders this game has to offer.

Level I:

I enter the Blue Morpho realm, surrounded by warming sands and an enigma to solve. As soon as I advance further apon the corridor, I turn right to reveal a blockage, and left once more to unvail a passage of aqua wonder. I decline further into the depths of the waterworks to stumble upon the truth "I am not alone". I stare down a mutant, formed in the water I wade in. After the moment has passed, I draw my artillery and anihiliate him until his fear shows. Advancing further, I stumble across an underwater passage. It is blocked, so I journey on, storing my discovery in my cranium for future reference. Not substantually further from the unvailing, I notice a dry shaft upwards. I incline the remaining crypt and collect two topaz crystals. I am blinded by the darkness of the further cavern, my torch giving way as I blindly venture further. I collect a third and final topaz crystal to go on through the first arena we have accomplished.

Level I Thoughts:

I must say, the scenery was rather impressive in the example shown. I hope to continue to see this type of visual aspect done. I enjoyed the adventure portion of the level perhaps the best, each area packed with terrain realism and addictiveness. More puzzle and action could have been implemented, but so far not much error has been obtained, and the game shows it's intended excellence.

Level II:

The final arena has been examined, sad as it may seem. I am constricted from daylight, caught in the vacant halls of the entrapment I roam. I notice a switch and, cautiously, unlock the next action, hoping for the best. No closing doors have locked the gate to freedom quite yet, but an enemy has developed for me to yield. I have him pinned and caught dead. At low health, I unlock the next switch at the top right and wander away from what once stopped me from my dream of survival. I wander far into the lands of Blue Morpho and travel among a rising platform that may send me into the reality of leaving what once was the arena that held me captive and turn a once dream into a chronicle to tell to my kids years ahead. As I rise, I am lost in the embers of losing grip and falling the hundreds of feet I vigurously inclined to get here. As I die, I speak my last words "Good game, life" and perish into the rock I lay on.

Level II Thoughts:

I, once again, love the scenery displayed. The rock patterns in the first entrapment could not have been any better. The action was moderate, in which I like, an all-round game that consists of action, puzzle, and traps, not a game with just one stardom quality. I liked the placement of the puzzles and enemies exceptionally well, and I thought Level II was marvelous, well, from what I saw of it.


Very interesting. This game was very unique, and I was glad I stumbled across it. It is like nothing I have ever seen, with it's adventure aspect. I enjoyed every second I have seen of this, and I can't put the term into words, but all to all, I enjoyed it.


This is the feature in the game I found to be the most excelled. From the rocky terrain of the corridors to the sandy tiles of the freelands, scenery was on this game's side. I must point that out, for it was defenitley something worth mentioning to the public.

Puzzles & Traps:

I liked the limited feature of Puzzles and Traps at the beginning, although less messy designs for them and maybe evenly spreading them out would have been a better option, although from what I have seen I was very happy with this portion of the game as well.


I love to call this category smoothness. Why? Because there was almost no lag whatsoever. I could not point out any significant moments of lag whatsoever, although it was not the absolute fastest, I applaud how she make the level fast and smooth.

Pros & Cons:








Limited Puzzle Aspect


Gameplay: 8.5/10

Scenery: 9.25/10

Puzzles & Traps: 8/10

Smoothness: 9.5/10

Overall: 8.75

Average: 8.81

Last Words:

This was a very interesting experience. I was exposed to a sensation like no other, and must I say, I enjoyed it all the way through. That brief aspect really raised my ranking. Great job. I will, out of curiosity, defenitley play more of the author's excelled platformers. Now, I know from experience that I should expect great outcomes. And I will. Because, I know that Blue Morpho, just another platformer rarely played, was very, very awesome indeed.

A Note To Chimera55:

Try to keep what you had displayed here and use it to make better games in the near future. My expectations have risen, so make me proud. As long as you keep what you had here, I'll be pleased.


In the end, evil prevails, as our hero is lost in the embers of the cloudy skies above. But, one day, the light shone on the limestone trail, one man walked the sands. And he was our hero. Lord Morphus. And he was here to wipe out the forces of evil and continue our thriving empire before it was overthrown by the forces. And, I live, many years ahead, to tell the story to you civilians, and why you are here today to listen to my very words.

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