A Sequel Of Greats - BlockCraft II

Review by levelorange011 on Sunday, January 27th 2013
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Blockcraft II is a game created by thelonewanderer

Many of you have played the sensation BlockCraft by Spellmage. Acheiving over 5,000 views, it was a hit across Sploder. But, released recently, will BlockCraft II be as leendary?

Game Name: BlockCraft II

Publisher: TheLoneWanderer (Spellmage)

Template: Physics Puzzle


First of all, I must note that I do not expect as good feedback, for the main feature that made BlockCraft a viral game was it's originality, and at the time, it was the first of it's kind. I am hoping for better quality, more blocks, and altogether a better BlockCraft. The question is, did Spellmage do enough for another hit?

Game On

Honestly, the idea for a sandbox game was extrordinary. This was before sandbox games were ever revolutionized on Sploder, so a game like such was deemed brilliant and bold, earning rapid attention. But yet as much as it was sheer genius to think of such an idea, it had many faults.

First off, I can tell this didn't take you very long to create. Certianly longer than last BlockCraft, but honestly still very beta. The graphics definitley played an important role in this. The graphics were messy, and for their paticularily small size very badly executed. I am dissapointed in the graphics, i'm sorry, but it is sadly true.

But, as much as the display was a letdown, each object was cleverly imagined, very smooth, practically lag-less (When you use it correctly), and out of a sandbox game a crucial implementation. This feature may bring back much of my lost respect for this game. Every crucial detail neccessary for the realism of a sandbox game physic-like was well done, and certianly couldn't have been done better.

I honestly think that Spellmage's mind could really give him an advantage. I know he can use such a mind to make the ultimate BlockCraft game, and I'll be waiting for it. You have a gift, Spellmage. Use it wisely.


With as many new features as there was, I feel that gameplay will be very interesting for players. They'd be able to now spend an hour at a time creating structures, towers, and much much more.


The layout was okay, but the graphics bitterly dissapointeed me. I know that Spellmage can do better, and even though he is no graphic-known pro, I'd like to see his full potential.


Please note that BlockCraft was the first sandbox series on Sploder. He revolutionized a whole new genre of games, and from such an action, good things will be rewarded.

Pros & Cons


Creative Concept

Epic Physics & Gravity Perspective


Amateur Graphics


Gameplay: 8/10

Graphics: 4/10

Creativity: 9/10

Overall: 7/10

Average: 7/10

Good job Spellmage. Although this was no insanely advanced game, it was very well done, and I know BlockCraft III will rock our world.


Blockcraft II Reviewed by levelorange011 on Sunday, January 27th 2013. A Sequel Of Greats - BlockCraft II - A game review written by levelorange011 for the game 'Blockcraft II' by thelonewanderer. Rating: 3.5