An Artistic Punch!

Review by liamnight on Friday, March 30th 2012
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Crafty Castle 2 is a game created by gamethomas

If you combine puzzles and art and balance it together, is that possible? There is one and only answer that consists of 3 letters. "Yes". If you answered "No", you have no taste into these kinds of games. I first came across this entertaining game by its detailed thumbnail, yet, I was also curious about the game since the original game, Crafty Castle was really entertaining too. Gamesthomas has greatly improved in both quality and quantity over his previous games. His previous games were like a penny and this was like a dollar bill crushing the penny. If you check on his other games, it seems that Gamesthomas has a better edge on the physics creator than other creators such as the Platformer creator. Apparently his 2 featured games (crafty castle and crafty castle 2) were both created from the Sploder physics game creator. I recommend future game players to play this refreshing game so when you play, sit back, relax, and click the "play" button. Have you ever tried to make a game like this? Ask yourself that question.

Once you first play the game, it's pretty obvious on which one is which, how to play it, and the goal for each level. Each level, you need to collect all the coins by unlocking doors by hitting switches and dodging hazards. Crafty Castle 2 is all about puzzle and its unique functions built into the game, such as machines, bouncy blocks, lava and more. First, we have a machine. If you pass a ball into the machine, it turns to something else when it comes out of it. At one time, you put a ball on the top and a little, small ball comes out of it. Seems like you can just grab the small ball and crush it! Another level is where when a ball came out of the machine it turned into a confused ball. The controls were switched on the ball so if you turned left it turned right and it turned right if you turned left. Bouncy blocks are pretty self exclamatory, the blocks are bright pink and it's bouncy. Like a kid jumping on a trampoline. I think the concept for this particular game was a good idea!

This game is Duplex. There are two parts, art and puzzle. Now, speaking of puzzles, how good do you think Gamesthomas did well on his puzzles? I think he did great. Instead of one character in a game, it has multiple individuals. Most of the puzzle is done by unlocking doors by hitting switches but I think that was fine. If you go the wrong way, you basically failed the game. You need to find the correct path to go to for each ball to succeed onto the next level. How do puzzles get hard? Mostly by its hazardous placement and it's object placement. I think the hazard placement went well. Gamesthomas also put his creativity on hazards also. You have lava and enemies, but he took the enemies and made it so that it could do different functions. One enemy created out spikes, and another one flies. Object placement goes with puzzles because that's where you count on when you dodge an enemy. Mostly from this game, there is a ditch inside the blocks where you hide into to dodge the enemies. That was completely necessary.

Every part of the game is art; there is never a part in the game that is a simple block of boring color. Even if it's a complete circle or a triangle, Gamesthomas still did it smooth? I personally think I can't draw a perfect round circle in the Sploder Graphics Creator. From seeing this outstanding art, you can tell that Gamesthomas has his one 'style' for his games. Every piece of art seems like it fits together, like all the pieces in a puzzle connects together and creates a perfect image. If you haven’t known, the first biased opinion you make about a certain object or thing is about its appearance. Now you tell me, when you first saw this game, and when you formed an opinion, was it how the big puzzle fits together or it's art? Most likely your answer will be art. I'm also surprised that the Sploder user, Gamesthomas took much of his time to fill every piece of the game with art of the full 9 levels. Yeah, you know what I am talking about. The game has 9 levels.

So you sit down on your chair reading this review. "When are you going to get to the Pros and Cons Liam?" you ask? That's basically right now. What went will with the game and made an advantage to this game that made the game go well is that the puzzles took much of the space provided inside the Physics Creator. Because of that, it isn't a quick go-and-go for each level and end up completing the game within a minute. Which is good, because it creates more time to play for this game. Another Pro for this game is that there were levels that spiced up the game. What do you call them? Boss levels. Crafty Castle 2 had about 2 boss battles, and those 2 also differed from eachother. When having a boss battle, you don't waddle around looking for a puzzle to complete. You dodge items aimed to hurt you and you better make sure you don't touch it. Time limits were also added onto the boss levels so that you would know when the level ended. What I also thought went good with the game is that there were unique items unlike other games. Water had a slower gravity effect than when you're off water. You moved onto a certain direction when you touched a moving floor.

Everything has a Con other than a Pro. Nothing is ever perfect unless you're god and you control everything, but that's different. One thing is time limits. Now first of all, you might have been confused when I said that. There were time limits but it only applied onto boss levels. In my opinion, it would have been better and would have a bigger of a challenge if there were time limits onto levels other than boss levels. There isn't much to think of Cons since most of the things in the games went alright. The levels could have been harder in my opinion, as in a greater challenge.


-Unique functions

-Took up most space

-Boss levels


-Time limits would have been better

-Needed to have more of a challenge


Puzzle: ____/_____
Challenge: ____/_____
Art: _____/_____

Overall: ____/_____

Great job Gamesthomas! No wonder you had a feature :)


Crafty Castle 2 Reviewed by liamnight on Friday, March 30th 2012. An Artistic Punch! - A game review written by liamnight for the game 'Crafty Castle 2' by gamethomas. Rating: 4