Review by liamnight on Sunday, November 8th 2015
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The Secret Base DEMO is a game created by pravdomir04

So I made a review for this game but it was boring so I deleted it. I made a re-do but 3/4 of the review was deleted when I published it. I made a re-do-do but I accidentally click on another page and nothing was saved. So here's my re-do-do-do.

This is all for Prav- winner of trials II. Congrats bud =) this is all for u dude


The demo only consisted of two levels. The review might be a little short but that's because there's only so much content I can go over


Action is the strength of this demo. I killed a thor with my car without guilt. I dodged falling blocks. I literally dodged lava (like jumping from couch to couch in a living room). The music fit perfectly with the action. The car was also in great design. The car was red... perfect for killing thors.


There were some puzzles but not so much. i liked the poewrgluv. I could not find the green key switch to complete level 2 at the end, but I kept replaying the game and that's all I could do.

Scenery and Storyline

There are some scenery and it fit the destruction-theme of the storyline. I think level 2 was killing the forces of evil.

My Advice

The game is perfect for regular playing across sploder. Anything can be improved, so yes, this demo could be improved. But I did like it. If you want to go for a feature-worthy game based on this demo, you can do it! My suggestion is to focus on puzzles and scenery.

Your Grades

Action: B-

Scenery: C

Storyline: C

Killing Thors: A


(geoff's mom: D-)

(geoff's grandma: C )