Alon3 As Hell

Review by linkinparkgame on Tuesday, December 7th 2010
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Al0N3 is a game created by transfusion

ALON3 by transfusion is really crazy and confusing. Every time you turn you think "Wtf do I do next?" Trust me, unless you have played this game ten times before, you will be asking yourself that question all of the time while playing this game.

PRE-THOUGHTS: Wow, I am Alone..... I WANT MY MOMMY! WAH, WAH! Well, now to the actually pre-thought section. Just looking at this game and the title, makes a connection. The title should be the description for the beginning. I also thought: is it possible to get passed the beginning? Yeah, it is, but experts only MWUAHAHAH! >:D

DURING GAME PLAY This game, Alon3, really explains the fact that well, you're alone, but not for long..... Soon you will see enemies. At the beginning you'll have to use a special trick to get out. It may take you more than on time on this. Then the second time you try, or the first time that you get passed the first trap, you could possibly meet a second trap, and start again. Eventually you will brake out of this habit of traps. Then meet it again. I'm probably going to sue transfusion the bleeding of my head from scratching it.....


Rating: (short rating, will be edited) overall: 9/10

Oprah approves this game. Thumbs up to transfusion! :P


Al0N3 Reviewed by linkinparkgame on Tuesday, December 7th 2010. Alon3 As Hell - A game review written by linkinparkgame for the game 'Al0N3' by transfusion. Rating: 4.5