1st New Series Coming Soon

By lolman345 :: Saturday July 27th, 2013


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1st thing I ask that you post in the comments: What do you think the name should be? Time Xplode or Sploder Generations? 2nd thing I ask that you post in the comments: If you want to be in my series, ask me in the comments, BTW you need alternate forms, E.G. A current avatar graphic and your older one, like I use Blockhead and my current avatar, but this time, I WON'T be referring to my avatar as my hyperform. It's going to be like a new era, only for this and another series. Also, I would like you to help me decide the main villain? Should it be Lolmaster012, 543namlol, or should I make a brand new enemy? Thanks and enjoy. :)


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