Path to Shadows

By lookgames :: Wednesday July 1st, 2015


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You have to be 12 to play the game expect if you know that you won't be afraid :-D Now to our story ... There was a man who left his job late at night , sadly the buss that usually drives him home wasn't it it's normally position so he went throught the dark forest ... While he was walking he saw a stange dark guy and poof ...In some second he was in a totall different world filled with shadows ... after a long travel he found the wizard again . He want to go back to his world leave from this dark world that reminds him his worst nightmare !This shadow world it's great for a new world , the wizzard want it but he first have to drain all the light from our hero ...The continue of the story in the second part , if i ever make one (This is based on you guys )========Ok end of story tales and stuffs , this game took hours to make so i hope you like it , what i mean it's = rate it , share and nominate !Oh and of course comment it , i love your comments guys !See ya ^0^


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