Explosive food.

By lordeldar :: Wednesday October 21st, 2009


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You: So you want to supply my civilization with food? Dealer: That's correct. I am running my own brand of food. We are a private service so please don't watch what we do. You: OK. As you wish. By the way if I get suspicous of anything about this brand I will check. Even without permission. Dealer: I'm sorry but you can't. I'll have to destroy the civilization. You: I could just warn them and send them to a safer civilization. Dealer: Trust me. I am powerful and I will get my own way if you carry on being like you are. Bye. You (whispered): I'm really suspicous. I'm going to investigate. Army: This is getting boring. Just sitting. Can we have an assignment. Please. You: I have one. Get in our spy suits and follow me. Army: Ok. We'll be right on it. Anything required. You: Well, membership to the army as always. But I don't see any others. You may meet some very powerful foes if we are seen. Now go. Let's start this task now. Army:OK.



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