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Review by lordeldar on Tuesday, May 31st 2011
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Infection 3D is a game created by rhabbit

So, I was having a look through the Featured Games when I found Infection 3D, which I decided to Review for my 17th Review.


I've played a few of Rhabbit's Physics and they are all the same. No really, pretty much the same but with different Pictures so expectations are incredibly low, and these somehow get Featured. I'm confused


Looks no different to the others Really, and I mean no different. So that's the first Negative thing I have to say about the Game (And hopefully the last) The Thumbnail looks pretty cool though speaking of it


First up, Level 1. It's horrible, it's just a Fluffy Bunny walking down a hill. You know, I sometimes do that in RL. Luckily it changes on Level 2, you have to... Work it out yourself! Yeah, but it's hard to find out what to do. That was a Pretty Clever Idea and nothing so far has been exactly the same as Cat Burglar and Ninja Ninja, except maybe the Backround Choices. I've played more but I don't want to talk about the whole Game. Because I did that in my Application and it made me think I'd be denied. Anyway, the usual stuff is pretty Good (With the Exception of Time)


It's good, it's just like Cat Burglar and Ninja Ninja. But there's something different about it, it's better. I liked the Colour Choices for this One (Unlike the others) and the Backround in level 3 (A Graveyard) was awesome. Even Level 1 wasn't looking that bad. The Bunny was a Bit, Stupid but atleast he put a little effort into his Hill and effort into Advertising his games :)


Nothing really Special for Block Placement, I didn't find anything that stood out apart from a Couple of Gravestones

Enemy Placement was pretty Decent, it also wasn't anything Special but in Places it was Great, Enemies were placed in Places where you had to find ways around them. Very Simple, yet fun!

Can't talk about Health or Power-ups really

Puzzles & Traps

From what I saw, none! No Puzzles, nor Traps. So that splode. Add Puzzles Rhabbit! They make Good Games and Good Reviews

In A Sentence

Something new, well kind of







I said Ish on the End of Different

No Puzzles or Traps

Level 1 was Bad


Action: 7/10

Addictiveness: 5/10

Awesomeness (Gameplay): 8/10

Difficulty: 7/10

Scenery: 8/10

Lag: 10/10

Puzzles & Traps: 0/10

Placement: 6/10

Time: 4/10

Overall: ______/__________

Average, certainly not Feature Worthy. But it's definately better then Cat Burglar & Ninja Ninja. Alot of Improvements are needed though for anything Feature Worthy. Sorry to say that :(


Infection 3D Reviewed by lordeldar on Tuesday, May 31st 2011. .:|WD|:. Another Featured Game From Rhabbit - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Infection 3D' by rhabbit. Rating: 3