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Review by lordeldar on Wednesday, July 20th 2011
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Impulse is a game created by lcraniuml

I understand this was not Requested, but I still wanted to Review this Game. Btw, if you don't know (Because you're lazy/bored/awesome/forgetful/tired/rely on me telling you) this is my 29th Review and I will be Reviewing Impulse by lcraniuml. And, you may have noticed that this Review is also for [WR] like my last one. Which means, I managed more then 1 Review in the same Centre (Nah, my Record is 13 Reviews with .:|WD|:. followed by 11 with [JR]) Anyway, onto the Review


About a Week ago (Or 2) I reviewed Bloody Tear by lcranium and gave it 7.5/10. Which kind of says he's a good Game maker. But doesn't say enough. I found Impulse on the Featured Games page though, so hopefully this is also good (Like Bloody Tear) Impulse is lcraniuml's 7th Featured Game as well, which means he's got alot expected from him. And, after all that I'm also expecting a remarkable experience from Impulse. Lcraniuml also said it's a Puzzle/Action Game, which raises those expectations, making me hope that the Puzzles aren't so hard they take hours to work out.


The Thumbnail already shows that it's good. And the Events are simple, Mortar tries to get you, Mortar destroys nitro, unless yolu are quick enough you die. But it seems lcraniuml has added more Obstacles into the Game, there's also Mud slowing you down, giving the Mortars more of a Chance. This provides the Game with a Good Looking, exciting beginning. And makes the game look exciting to Play. And I just couldn't help but click it to see if it is any good (You'll hopefully agree that it looks worth your Time to play)


To my knowledge there isn't one. But the Game isn't about a gripping Story, it's about the Gameplay. And therefore, doesn't need one, although it would've been nice to have seen one. Now usually if there isn't a Story I just give the Story rating 0/10, but if you read on a bit you'll find out why I'm not gonna rate for Story. Also, sorry for the short Paragraph


This is gonna be easy to Review. Because the Gameplay was fantastic. The Challenge and Fast Paced Action make sure that once I play it once, I don't wanna stop. There is little Length to the Game, but the Variety makes up for it. Once you do something in Impulse, you don't go back to it (You know, it only happens once in the Game, of course it's not because the Game is bad) And surely, this must all come with a little Lag. Well, many Action Games have at least a little. But Impulse has none to worry about, so you can enjoy your Adventure at what hopefully would be a reasonable Speed. And as you guessed, I found the Gameplay amazing


The beginning (What you see in the Thumbnail) uses Nitro which you can use to Destroy the Mortars but also Contributes to the Scenery. But that's not it, there is Nitro everywhere serving it's Purpose of Chaos and also contributing to Scenery. Which proves the hard work Lcraniuml put into Impulse. And, the Backround fits into the Setting. As I liked it but never have enjoyed that Backround (Pink) before. The Shooter Creator has very limited Possibilities for Scenery, but lcraniuml used his Resources in a way that makes the Game fun yet still provide decent Scenery. Great work!


No Cons about Placement. The Enemies were placed Perfectly, the Hazards were placed Perfectly. Obstacles were Placed well. But what I would've like to have seen in the 2nd Room is the Mortars to the side moved up a bit so if you try and destroy them at close Range the others get a Chance to hit you, making the next bit harder. But even then plenty of Damage is still dealt to you there, so I can't really call that a Con. Lcraniuml, you've done great work again!

Puzzles & Traps

This is where I make up for the lost length this Review. The Game was all about the Puzzles and Action. The Puzzles were Epic! On the first Puzzle I was going "Done! Now what?" before noticing that I'd solved it wihtout even knowing that was what to do. The Puzzles were fantastic! They weren't so easy that they were rubbish, nor so hard that I ragequitted after 20 Seconds of playing (You epic Game Makers! I'm lookin' at you) I did have to ask how to solve one of them though, and when I found out I thought "How dumb was I?" Anyway, Traps. They aren't needed, and they aren't part of the Game either. And I can't really ask lcraniuml to add Traps in the Future because of the Epic Puzzles (Even though Puzzles & Traps aren't that connected, that much) So there, another Positive Paragraph for Impulse. Onto the Ratings


Puzzles, Challenge, Gameplay




Action: 10/10

Addictiveness: 11/10

Awesomeness (Gameplay): 10/10

Difficulty: 10/10

Scenery: 8/10

Placement: 9/10

Puzzles & Traps: 10/10

Lag: 10/10

Time: 7/10

Overall: _________.5/__________

Just incase you can't be asked to Count. That's 9.5/10. Impulse is one of the greatest Shooters I've ever Played. Whoever Featured it made a Perfect Decision. Everybody should play this legendary Game, even if a Challenge really isn't your thing. But be warned, once you start you can't stop

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Impulse Reviewed by lordeldar on Wednesday, July 20th 2011. [WR] A Class Act - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Impulse' by lcraniuml. Rating: 4.5