Simple Concept, Remarkable Results

Review by lordeldar on Friday, October 28th 2011
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Bolt is a game created by creatingames

Hey! It's me again, Lordeldar. You are reading a Review by me, this is my 34th Review btw (An interesting Fact, just incase you felt like knowing that) and is of Bolt, which is by creatingames. Which I'm Reviewing after it won a very small contest I did in which the prize was a Review. I hope you enjoy reading this Review as well. Anyway, onto the main thing


I haven't played much from Creatingames before, but I have played a few Games. He seems to be a fairly good game Creator and judging by his attitude on the Forums I would expect this to be good. The first thing I thought when I looked at the Title of this Game was fast-paced Action. And lots of it, along with a challenge. Which I've seen from the past in the few Games I've played by Creatingames. I also noticed that this is Creatingames' first Shooter. Which, lowers my expectations. As, it takes practise to become good at something. And, your first attempt isn't always going to be perfect. But anyway, you'll find out if creatingames' first shooter really is a great introduction later on in this Text I doubt you'll read all of


By looking at the Thumbnail, I see that this is a Shooter. And Shooter is probably my Favourite Creator. Great for making Action with, which is something I expected to see in Bolt. It also looks like a bit of a Puzzle Game as well, and Puzzles are also a pretty cool extra that can be added to Games. Scenery, doesn't seem Perfect. But, it's more about the Game, right? And, this is his first Shooter. Would you really expect anything special? Because I wouldn't. Anyway, onto the Review (Oh yeah, and no story so no story Paragraph)


The Game, wasn't really much of a Game. It was more of a Minigame. And from a Minigame, I expect a lot of action. Which, while I didn't get loads I still got. The aim of the Game was simple, collect 3 Flags in a Minute. Sounds hard? Well, it really isn't. At first, it seems you need just that little bit more time. But eventually, you'll push yourself to beat this amazing Minigame. You'll go at Speeds you don't normally go at in a Typical Shooter. And then, after 2 Keys. Comes the disrupters. Where the Tantrums and swearing at your Computer kick in. Anyway, enough walkthrough. More talk about this epicness named "Bolt" with a very simple, yet lovely concept. The Gameplay really doesn't have much Cons to it. Apart from the fact that after a little practise it becomes easy. So, overall. Creatingames (Or CG as I call him on Tinychat) did a good job with the Gameplay. And I would love to see more Shooters from him in the future


For someone's first time with the Shooter creator. I wouldn't expect the Game to look anything special, and that was what I got with Bolt. Nothing overly special. Infact, there was nothing decorative at all in the Game. Which, compared to Creatingames' Platformers was really disappointing. It only takes a few Minutes to add some Artwork to your Creations and also wouldn't ruin it unless you focused more on the Art then the Actual Game. Anyway, lets talk about the Map to Bolt. The Map was small. However, it still looked good and fairly professional. So at least I can make a positive note about the Scenery of Bolt. And also, the Yellow background looked pretty cool and fitted in well with the name "Bolt." So yeah, Creatingames could improve with Art and stuff but overall things weren't that bad


The Placement to Bolt, was good. That's all I can really say about it, good. There wasn't anything special about it, nor disappointing. Disrupters frustrated you when getting to the 3rd Key because of their good Placement, enemies were placed well in General infact. However, there are 2 Atomics throught the Game. And it's 1 Minute long. Because of this the Game is fairly easy with Practise. If an Atomic was to be removed it would make the Game harder, however it would also spell "Impossible" so the Time limit would have to be increased. But that's my only issue with the above Average placement to Bolt. Creatingames did a good job with Bolt, however there wasn't anything that caused my mind to explode or anything like that lol.

Puzzles And Traps

The Game didn't really have Puzzles anywhere in it. Apart from maybe a little thinking on how to destroy the Disrupters without them getting you and wasting precious Time that's gonna be needed at the end of the Game. However, the Game was full of traps! They were everywhere! Just kidding, there weren't any of them either. Nothing even close to what you'd call a Trap, what I'd call a Trap, what anybody would call a trap lol. As I always say in Games that lack these additions, while they aren't vital they're a nice extra. However, this would force creatingames into making the Time Limit longer and taking it away from the Genre "Minigame." So yeah, overall comment. I don't actually know if I have one because there's nothing to comment on.

Creativity and Originality

Minigame's with the Shooter creator, are very limited. For one to be good, it should have plenty of Action. However, a good Minigame isn't really that Creative nor Original. And sadly, Bolt lives up to that Reputation in Minigames. It's an extraordinary Game, but sadly we've all seen this kind of Game before. Making not only unoriginal, but also uncreative. I know that people can make an Original and Creative, yet amazing Minigame (Take Impulse by Lcraniuml, which I also Reviewed. And gave 8/10) but it's just hard. So, as you've probably already guessed. The Creativity and Originality to Bolt was fairly disappointing


Action, Disrupter placement, Concept


Unoriginal, Uncreative, Scenery could be better


Action: 7/10

Addictiveness: 8/10

Awesomeness (Gameplay): 8/10

Difficulty: 7.2/10

Placement: 6.5/10

Puzzles & Traps: 2/10

Lag: 10/10

Creativity & Originality: 2/10

Scenery: 6/10

Story: 0/10

Overall: _______/__________

Bolt gets a 7/10 from me. The Game was pretty amazing however the Rating was lowered by the obvious cons (Such as a lack of story, lack of Creativity & Originality) Bolt didn't really meet up to my Expectations of a challenge, although there was one. You'd eventually overcome it and it's addictiveness after a couple of attempts though. But still, Bolt is a Game that I recommend you give a play or two. If you like lots Fast-paced Action and 1 Minute Action Games, you'll love it

Thank you for Reading this Review and I hope you enjoyed it. I would appreciate it if you took some time to Comment on this Review, and criticise it if you have any advice for me. Once again, thank you


Bolt Reviewed by lordeldar on Friday, October 28th 2011. Simple Concept, Remarkable Results - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Bolt' by creatingames. Rating: 3.5