Frustration In A Piece Of Art

Review by lordeldar on Monday, February 13th 2012
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Iridescent is a game created by omega

Ever had the feeling like you want to smash, crush, blow up, or just completely wreck your computer? My answer to this question, yes. My 37th Review is going to explain in detail the time that I witnessed such hatred towards my computer. However, you want a long, bland, dull, bedtime story known as a Review right? Well, that's what you're here for. So I don't see why you should get it. This review is of Iridescent by omega. Anyway, Once upon a time...


~There was a 13 year old on a website named Sploder. He was a moderator, and a Reviewer. At the same time, he was using a different browser to view a site named Tinychat, in the Sploder Chat Room. In which he said "I need a game to review!" This guy, claimed he was a banana. But really, he was me. And Omega was also on (Or at least someone with his name) and suggested a game named Iridescent.~ Anyway, expectations for the Game. I know Omega best in - terms of game making - for his PPG Guitar Hero. Which to me, was a major disappointment. However, looking through Omega's other stuff I see he likes to come up with ideas he has never used before. So, I don't know what I should be expecting from Iridescent until I play it. And so, this young boy went to check the Thumbnail


~To this boy, the Thumbnail made the game look like a very artistic one.~ However, with the PPG. Games are easily ruined by this art and normally just don't end up that great. Omega clearly spent a lot of time making the game look visually appealing so that you, will play this. I review this game so that you play this. I also say that the white is Ice-cream to get you to play it (Although sadly, it isn't. Unless it dripped onto this artistic masterpiece) But just does this Thumbnail change your expectations to Iridescent? Yes, you now know to expect a very well decorated game. And does this Review change your expectations? Yes, you'll know that the game is... - As the boy typed away. He realised the ending would be sabotaged if he finished off his sentence. What could he do? He was stuck in a dilemma. One almost impossible to get out of. And then, something came to his head - What it is. And my opinion of it :)


With that incident out the way. The boy played the game, and had a tantrum. He was then sent to hospital where he was eaten by the evil veloceraptor.~ Sorry! Just writing a story for something. Anyway, for players of Iridescent. There isn't really a story for you. For those who wanted one, for those who play games for storylines and for those who think "OMG this game has ice cream on it. I wonder if the storyline will tell me why?" You'll be greatly disappointed. There is no Ice cream, there is no story. ~ And so, the boy walked away. Ate a cookie, and came back, disappointed with there being no lined paper, to realise his Review was on the computer


"Welcome to the Gameplay paragraph, here you will learn all about the gameplay and the quality to Iridescent by omega. Along with the conclusion to the storyline of this Review," ~That's what he said as he put his finger on the keyboard and started playing. After seconds, the game had finished. Yes, he had failed. He tried again, to realise the space key was not working. He kept trying, as failure became more and more frustrating to him. Then, he finally did it! The adventure continued. Only to conclude again shortly after. More and more frustration was kicking in. Until, he finally overcame his struggle to escape the beginning and beat the game. Thank you for reading this autobiography. Incase you are wondering where the first 13 years of my life are, they were never included. Thank you again!~ And that is my story. By reading that you will now know that the game has a very difficult introduction. However, as you progress further into the game it begins to get more simple. Other stuff you may want to know about the gameplay, is that those who like something short will have something to enjoy. But if you're like me, you need more to it to please you. The Review's existence proves that the game had some addictiveness to it (As of course, it took me forever to beat the game, and if it wasn't addictive. I would've given up after precisely 2.3 attempts (.3 for when I gave up) Don't think I need to talk about anything else. So I'll say the omega did a pretty sweet job


Normally, I type these reviews down myself. But this time, I'm gonna get a fluffy bunny to type it down. Sadly, the fluffy bunny put down "hewwo i iz fwuffeh bunneh & dis gam iz gud" which I was unhappy about. So I decided to do this myself. Iridescent is a game that stands out from others because of it's appearance. The colours blend together perfectly to bring the game cbleep (No, Cbleep! Ah well, cl0ser it is) to true greatness. Omega also made the player transparent so you blend into the background. At the time the game was released, that was something that really amazed me. Since then I've worked out how he did it, but because of how magnificantly it was executed I still agree with my past opinions on the appearance and all that stuff. Thank you for your patience, and hope you continue to listen to the "frustration in a piece of art" experience


Continuing on with our journey, I am now going to discuss the placement. I see no issues with any placement at any point during Iridescent. Thank you, and goodbye

Placement Part II

Wait a minute guys, there's more. I have to tell you about my experience. You see, there's this brick and the start, yes? And this brick yeah? It's, like. Really hard to get past yeah? Because the way it's placed is, like. Totally epic. You have to pull it off perfectly. ~Then came a dragon~

Placement Part III

I can assure you, this is the climax. The game doesn't really have enemies. It has obstacles, that kill you. These are placed, well. That means, there is no dragon. No Ice cream monster. No giant killer fluffy bunny. Nothing to worry about.

Placement: The Aftermath

Overall, placement was pretty epic. As I said at the start, there were no misplaced bricks or anything. No enemies, yet the obstacles were placed in ways that made the game a pain to beat. What's not to love? Great job omega!

Puzzles & Traps

The game is all about two things, not one. Art and Puzzles. The first Puzzle tells it all. You will have been introduced to this opener somehow by now (Whether it was by experiencing the game itself. Or by reading this (Or the other) Review) Don't think that these two puzzles are isolated though (Like the fluffy bunny when it went swimming, I still cry over it now. :( (Laugh at this joke and I will continue to cry)) Frequent use of puzzles are included. Including a little bit of thought on what is what. Like if this kills you or not. And even, just what am I actually doing at this part? These, you'll eventually work out for yourself.

Puzzles were one of Iridescent's strong points but what about the other side of the story. Traps? Actually, forget it. The second half of the Puzzle and traps story was so lame. It's not even worth telling you about. Basically, Jim went shopping. Great conclusion, right? If you don't get this joke, it's because it's lame and I made it up myself. What it relly means is that there were no traps interesting enough to be noticed. Which, isn't really a problem. Just, takes a mark or two off the game. Don't you love a trap that gets trapped in your brain? That's where Omega needs to improve

Creativity & Originality

Is the game Creative? Is the Game Original? Why? Why? What could be improved to make it more creative? What could make it more original? Do fluffy bunnies go well in Reviews? 7 Questions you are asking yourself right now. I will answer 7 of these. Yes, the game is creative. What else have I been talking about this whole time exactly? Dinosaurs drinking 200 glasses of lemonade? But just what does it? The whole thing basically. Originality, is no different. The ideas were fresh, the whole colour idea was a first, other stuff. I also asked about improvements. I don't really see anything that omega could do to improve them, and don't need to, and don't want to. Finally, do fluffy bunnies go well in Reviews. Yes, they go brilliantly. Just don't let them write it for you. Unless it's a 'viewer bunny :)


The game was very decorative. This makes it good. The game had puzzles. This makes it good. There was a challenge. This makes it good. The game had some addictiveness to it. This makes it good


You know, making a list of cons for this is like solving an impossible jigsaw puzzle. It's just not possible. Although a story would've been nice. And maybe more length


Action: 6/10

Addictiveness: 9/10

Awesomeness (Gameplay) 9/10

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Scenery: 10/10

Placement: 9/10

Creativity/Originality: 9/10

Puzzles & Traps: 6/10

Length: 7/10

Overall: _________/__________

9/10, for those of you who can't be bothered to count. Do I feel it is feature worthy? Yes

Thank you for reading about my experience in which I destroyed my computer and I hope it interested you. And the Review, of course :)


Iridescent Reviewed by lordeldar on Monday, February 13th 2012. Frustration In A Piece Of Art - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Iridescent' by omega. Rating: 4.5