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Review by lordeldar on Sunday, March 9th 2014
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BOB is a game created by mat7772

Well howdy there Sploder. It's me, lordeldar. I've been a reviewer since 2011, but I haven't done anything in a while. So this is my attempt to review something, if you're reading this and it's public. Otherwise, I'll just fill this thing with dirty jokes to amuse myself when I'm lonely. But yeah, this review is on BOB, by Matthew7772. And yeah, hope you enjoy it. I felt like I needed to review something because I haven't in like, forever and Matthew asked me to try this game. I tried it and finished it, so yeah.


Mat and I go back quite a while on Sploder - 2011 to be exact - so I've played games from him before. I've also reviewed one or two, such as Shipshots (Which mat removed for some reason) back in 2011 in which I called Mat underrated. Since then, he has had his fair share of features and EGL entries. He's done pretty well for himself since then. Mat often comes up with some good ideas, although personally I find that some of them do flop. But credit to him for the variety. BOB is a PPG. Matthew has some fairly interesting PPG concepts, such as his recent outing Spin. While for me the movement and awkwardness of the controls killed it, he still managed to come up with something pretty decent. I'm pretty sure that he will continue this trend in BOB, so that's what I'm expecting.


Plain, very plain. If you look at thumbnails for other games from Matthew, they are pretty attractive. Compared to them, the thumbnail for BOB just comes off as lazy though. Maybe the game will be lazy too? Maybe BOB will be a scar in Matthew's generally good game collection? Maybe the thumbnail is misleading? We'll see, we'll see. But yeah, the thumbnail was a bit of a disappointment


The game is about a robot called BOB. 'nuff said


Well yeah, there wasn't really much to the story which was kinda disappointing too. So now you're probably thinking, "This game will probably turn out to be awful, lets not play it" and will be clicking off this page knowing not to play this game. If so, stop right there. STOP RIGHT THERE. READ ON. The gameplay is actually quite good. You are BOB, and you have to collect coins to pass the level. However, you excrete red blocks which act like a bar every now and again, making you lose the level if you touch them. Everything you do in this game requires thought. What coin should I go for? Which way should I go? How should I approach getting that coin? Oh, it appears I've gone wrong. Lets rethink my approach to that segment. That still doesn't work, I should rethink my approach to this whole level. In short, that is what BOB is. 6 levels of puzzling coin collecting fun. Mat threw in some pretty interesting concepts as well, one I quite enjoyed was the arrows. You could only go through them the way they were pointing, and once you went through once you could not go through again. This added great difficulty to the later stages. Talking about difficulty, the game started off fairly easy with level 1, before gradually growing harder and harder. Matthew would make you think "It can't get harder than that" and then he proves you wrong. After level 5 I was thinking "There's no way he's going to do anything harder than that without making me hardcore rage, level 6 is probably just an outro level" and then BAM, it turns out to be a gameplay level. It's one of the easier levels to the game, but it still proved quite a challenge. This also had a fairly interesting idea thrown in, you had to drag crates around to stop red circles (This is how Matthew described them) which proved quite fun. So yeah, well done mat. You've proven that your weak thumbnail was just a weak thumbnail and not an indicator for the game


As you can probably guess by the thumbnail, BOB lacks scenery. Of course, red things are red, crates are crates, arrows are arrows, BOB is well, BOB. But did the visuals make my jaw drop? No. No they didn't. They looked coherent, but they weren't really anything special. That being said, it isn't exactly a disaster either. It could've been much worse. Matthew could've just thrown some prefabs together, changed their functions and left it as that or made something incredibly ugly. Instead, we get something simple, like this.

Puzzles & Traps

BOB is pretty much just a collection of puzzles. As I said previously, you have to put thought into your every movement. You have to think ahead. You have to execute each level flawlessly. One mistake is all it requires and you've ruined the whole level. This is probably the game's biggest flaw. Yes, it's a good thing that Mat has given the game a challenge, but at times it feels like the difficulty is overwhelmed. Oh well, I still managed to beat it. Even if I did have to get a little guidance from Matthew himself. On the other hand, every puzzle was incredibly well thought out and Matthew did a good job with that. The puzzles also were incredibly rewarding when you finally did solve them too. So, you've done a good job here too mat


BOB requires a flawless performance to pass every level. For a game that requires that, it also needs flawless placement to go with it, otherwise it won't work. But does BOB have that? Yes. I didn't notice anything that seemed out of place at all. If there was something wrong with the placement in a game of BOB's nature, it would likely result in the game not working, and would completely ruin the game. BOB works perfectly, I can imagine that it went through pretty intense testing from Matthew to make sure that there wasn't anything misplaced which made the game impossible and that the puzzles actually did work. Matthew deserves a clap for his placement, but it's the internet so he doesn't get one

Creativity And Originality

You can probably predict what I am going to say here. So yeah, just make a guess right now. Don't read it, just guess. Made a guess? Now go post your guess in the comments WITHOUT READING and if you're correct I'll give you an award or a fluffy bunny.




Matthew has come up with creative PPG's in the past, and BOB is something else for Mat to add to his list of creative PPGs. These ideas have mostly been seen before, haven't they? Despite that, BOB is still a relatively unique game. You likely haven't seen anything like this before. BOB is definitely different from your average PPG, but what else would you expect from Matthew? Matthew also throws in more ideas as you progress through the game, proving that he still has plenty of ideas and creativity left in him and that he won't run out for a while. Bravo mat, bravo.

As for you, the reader. I know you looked at the paragraph before you commented, no fluffy bunny for you.


Creative, puzzling, rewarding, clever


Dull aesthetics, too puzzling (I would've raged quite early on without Matthew's help), no story (You're just BOB)


Action: N/A

Addictiveness: 9/10

Difficulty: 8/10

Scenery: 6/10

Puzzles & Traps: 9/10

Placement: 10/10

Lag: 10/10 (Remember, 10 means no lag. 1 means lots)

Gameplay: 9/10

Length: 10/10

Overall: ________.5/__________

Feature worthy: Yes

8.5/10 for Matthew. The game may have flaws, but they are very minor. With BOB Matthew has created an enjoyable experience which I would recommend that you give a try, especially if you enjoy puzzle games.

Anyway, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. This my first review since September 2012 so yeah, I'm likely rusty. Some feedback would be appreciated too.


BOB Reviewed by lordeldar on Sunday, March 9th 2014. Hi, I'm BOB - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'BOB' by mat7772. Rating: 4