[JR] Ooh, A Drawing

Review by lordeldar on Sunday, May 8th 2011
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Sketch is a game created by nitrogendioxide

Hello, welcome to my First Official Sploder Review. As you can probably tell by my Title and maybe you heard a Rumour I will be Reviewing Sketch by nitrogendioxide


I've played few Games from Nitrogendioxide and I thought they were alright but not great.But they were with old Creators. This is with the New Creator so my Expectations aren't incredibly high. But hopefully he can change my mind about his Games


Well, it's with the New Creator and it's not a Misleading Title. Yes, definately a Sketch. I understand that it's easy to make but it still looks pretty cool. Anyway, onto the Review


Well, it's all about the Scenery isn't it? But the Gameplay isn't actually that Bad. Infact, I actually prefer the Gameplay to the Scenery. No Puzzles but it's pretty much Lag Free. Not everybody likes those Elevators spinning but I think they're cool. There was a Glitch though that can Remove the Fun, but I'll let you find that. The Game was also short and after little Practise, quite Easy


I mentioned all I need to mention in the Thumbnail, but just incase you couldn't be bothered to read that. It's a Sketch of a House :-) It isn't really that Great though, and is actually Quite easy to create. But at first it's a Totally different Story


I'm going to talk about Enemy Placement first. Enemies were placed very well and you'll find yourself losing alot of Lives because of them, no matter how hard you try not to

I won't review any Health Placement this time, too Pointess. I'm writing this Review while in Menorca with Poor Internet Connection

Block Placemnt was alright. Although the Game would've been better if there were Gaps in the Ground. Anyway, onto the Ratings (Tell me if I've forgotten anything. I'll add them in later)

Puzzles & Traps

There aren't any, not even the slightest Trap. No Puzzles (Unless you can call Mental Elevators Puzzles) Nothing! There, Paragraph over. Don't like it, send your complaints to nitrogendioxide. He was the one who made the Game which has no Puzzles and Traps :)



Interesting Scenery

Great Gameplay



Glitch that Ruins everything

No Puzzles and Traps


Awesomeness (Gameplay): 9/10

Addictiveness: 6/10

Action: 5/10

Difficulty: 7/10

Placement: 7/10

Time: 2/10

Scenery: 6/10

Lag (10=Good, 0=Bad): 9/10

Puzzles & Traps: 0/10

Overall: 8/10

A fun Experience, definately Feature Worthy


Sketch Reviewed by lordeldar on Sunday, May 8th 2011. [JR] Ooh, A Drawing - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Sketch' by nitrogendioxide. Rating: 4