[JR] The Review That Doesn't Deserve A Name

Review by lordeldar on Saturday, May 14th 2011
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Zig Zag Blitz is a game created by geoff

Fourth Review, stunning! I could write 1,000 in a Year if I was stupid enough to do that. Ok, onto the Serious side of Life. Today I'll be Reviewing "Zig Zag Blitz" by our very Own Admin Geoff (Hopefully I won't get killed for this)


Geoff's our Admin, everybody's got to love Geoff. Good Games, annoys People by not Accepting their Friend Requests (He's probably got about 3000 Waiting to be accepted). So, Expectations are just... Random, don't have any. It's just an Example of this new Creator. Although it should be good


Space Invaders! Nobody's heard of Space Invaders. What is Space Invaders. Joke! Everybody's heard of Space Invaders and Geoff's Already made a Space Invaders Game! Just Pointless!


*THE ABOVE STATEMENT IS A LIE!* And the Cake is a Lie. This is similar to Space Invaders yet Very Different. The Gameplay is also alot Better then Space Invaders (And I mean the Real Space Invaders, not a Sploder Version) I mean, Lag Free, Hard (Well, kind of), and just Generally Fun. Although it is a little Short and the Target could've been higher then 50 Points. Apart from that, good Gameplay


Some Scenery. It's also quite Good Scenery. But I've seen way better stuff. But for just an Example it's good Scenery. And that was a Short Paragraph which needs enlarging


Health Placement, errrr hello. Any Health. No, none

Power-up Placement is the Same. No Power-Ups. But then, the Game doesn't Need Health or Power-ups

Enemy Placement was um... ummmmmmmmm Unknown. Enemies fell down from the Sky but I don't know where they were originally Placed. But when they fell Enemies were Placed well so that'll be what I say about it

Block Placement, is there really a Point. There aren't really any Blocks at all

Puzzles & Traps

None, well not really any Puzzles or Traps. Unless you call Enemies Dropping from nowhere and working out how to kill them while they're moving quickly a Puzzle. And you can't call anything a Trap here.

In A Sentence

Shooting 50 Skydivers


Good Gameplay

Little Lag

Best Scenery I've Reviewed (So far)

Can Require Practise



Only 50 Kills needed to Win

Not much too it


Action: 6/10

Addictiveness: 8/10

Awesomeness (Gameplay): 9/10

Difficulty: 5/10

Placement: 7/10

Scenery: 5/10

Puzzles & Traps: 1/10

Time: 3/10

Lag: 9/10

Overall: _______/__________

A Good Game, but there always is Room for Improvement


Zig Zag Blitz Reviewed by lordeldar on Saturday, May 14th 2011. [JR] The Review That Doesn't Deserve A Name - A game review written by lordeldar for the game 'Zig Zag Blitz' by geoff. Rating: 3.5