This Game Was Action Paqed!

Review by m11dsauce on Monday, August 18th 2014
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Reaching Tasmania 2 is a game created by paq

Ha, get the pun there? No? Okay, I will go back to my corner now, practicing my reviewing.

I believe that the normal member has at least heard of the member going by the username, paq. He has gotten a couple of well deserved features, but only got one from the enormous EGD we had this year. He is also a fellow reviewer like me, and has a good reputation in both games and in the forums. But, this one is not the featured one. In fact, this one got barely any attention in the Epic Game Drop. Does it deserve to get more attention? Or should it stay the same way it has always been? Well, that's why I'm here. Now, onto the review!

As you expected, the game was action paqed, as you would usually expect out of the Reaching Tasmania series. As the action in the game was ideal for the usual game that would be near to feature-worthiness. But it was a lot easier to survive in this game, due to the high amounts of blue pills (lol). In fact, I went over the health meter to have way too much health, so I had very little to worry about the health. Even though it had ideal action, it was a pretty short game, there was less action, thus having very small amounts of reasons why there was so much health was placed in this game.

Also, I created a very new section for this game- originality. This game seemed to not have that much originality, mainly because it had very similar ideas to the games or mrdragon and konnichiha. It had the flashing switch-poly technique used in a mrdragon game, and practically copied the idea from konnichiha's game 'The Untouchable'. It made me a little frustrated, because there were not that many original ideas from paq. It's probably the main reason why this game didn't have much praise at all.

One of the things this game lacked was puzzles. The puzzles that you go through are very easy, and a lot of people have figured out the puzzle (you can call it a glitch). That puzzle/glitch has been around here for at least six years. The closest thing you can call a puzzle in this game was a switch poly trick that didn't take much thought, and it had mini traps, I guess you can call it. There was only one time when you could truly screw up, but it was fairly obvious what to do to avoid this trap. Other than that, this game mainly focused on action.

The level design on this game was fairly good. He had plenty of art at the beginning, then there was none at all after that. I thought it was going to have fancy designs all over the place. But the main hallway (What I mean about this is an area you go through multiple times to achieve the task at hand), also known as crossroads, was poorly designed. It was uneven (That made my OCD go whack throughout the game), and had some useless objects placed neither for design or a puzzle. It was not needed where it was, so it was quite useless. Also the game was extremely short for an EGD game, as it took me 8:00 minutes to complete  (Which means I can probably finish it in 5-6 minutes as a speed run), and lack many details. It would have been acceptable if it was a speed run or a quickly made game for practice, but not for an EGD game.

This game did well in certain parts of the gaming aspect, but not so well in other parts, like the originality and the puzzle aspect. It seemed very rushed to finish for the EGD deadline, but it did have some good things, like having ideal amount of action in a properly created game. But it should have been designed better to balance out the 'art', and be lengthened to where the player takes time to finish this game. There wasn't much originality or puzzles, which I strive for.


Ideal action

Good name

Good 'art'work

Acceptable execution


Lack of originality

Lack of puzzles

Too much health

Lack of difficulty

Needs to be longer

Don't be rushed while making an EGD game.

Game rating: ___/_____


Hello, this is my first published review. Please help me to improve my review writing, especially from other fellow reviewers.

Criticism greatly appreciated.


Reaching Tasmania 2 Reviewed by m11dsauce on Monday, August 18th 2014. This Game Was Action Paqed! - A game review written by m11dsauce for the game 'Reaching Tasmania 2' by paq. Rating: 3