Don't Catch A Cold!

Review by m11dsauce on Saturday, January 16th 2016
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The Frost is a game created by troybonniemech

Iíve been procrastinating on reviewing for quite a while, so I thought I can bring some makers into the limelight. Troybonniemech has been notifying reviewers and editors about his games, so Iíd thought Iíd give it a try. He claims that he worked the hardest on this game, so letís give it a go.


So in the game, you start off in a place called Sploder Town. Then a Debbie Downer named ďThe FrostĒ was tired of everyone else around him being happy, so he decided to kidnap Santa Claus to stop Christmas. You, portrayed as troybonniemech himself, must stop this monstrosity of an event. The plot is very simple and straightforward, which is nice for the style of game play this game features.

One of the big flaws in this game was the inconsistency of the graphics. It felt like as if troybonniemech stripped some off of the graphics market. One of the most important aspects in game making is to have consistency, especially in difficulty and graphics. If there is one graphic that looks realistic and the one next to it like it was a rushed graphic, itís not aesthetically pleasing. Itís better to have okay graphics consistently than to have great graphics mixed in with rushed graphics.

The gameplay itself is good, with some flaws. For example, when you must fight Frost to save Santa, the snowballs you shoot at him seemed out of place. I would suggest to attach it to the player to make it lessÖ out of place. Honestly, the first real gaming level (Level 3) was pretty difficult for me, which I liked. It seemed to regressed to become a lot easier to pass through. Again, consistency is very important. It is better for the game start from easy to hard, than to be hard to easy. The player must be able to build up the skill overtime. It helps to keep the player focused and wanting to move along in the game.


In the end of this game, it turned out to be an average (the good average; where you actually put effort into the game) game. It had some consistency issues, but there has been some visible improvement from troybonniemech. If the game had a more extensive plot, more consistent graphics and difficulty, it wouldíve been able to contend for a possible feature.


Right now, I am trying to help bring attention to potential game makers. If you think one of your games is worthy of a review, feel free to message me on my page. But please be patient for the reviews.

Also, I know many of you are wondering why I didnít add a rating and such. The reason why I did this is because I believe that itís kind of silly to rate games based on a number that you came up with. Words can describe better than numbers.