Honestly, What The Hell Is A Stheno?

Review by m11dsauce on Sunday, January 17th 2016
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Stheno is a game created by blurry

Fun fact: It means ďForcefulĒ in Greek. It sounds all like Greek to me.

One of my favorite people on the forums is Blurry aka Hyperlink aka a bleep ton of alts. Heís creative and very witty on the forums. Heís also a dark horse in the game making realm. Not many know his making skills, but I do. This is the first game heís kept for more than one day, so he has to have some pride for it. Letís see if he should.


From the very start, there is an adrenaline rush to live. Itís not too hard, nor too easy. And I like that. The action in this game was perfectly laid out for the player to experience. It was very consistent in its difficulty. It was a very short game too; a good game doesnít have to be long. We have many cases where the game is very short and very fun; take Bobblerís and JJSís (In fact, this game was inspired off of JJSís minute action games) for example. This was executed very well. To add to it all, it had a consistent design style. It had a crunchynut/mmfc reminiscence feel to it all.

However, I feel like there should be more to the game. There was plenty of health for me when I got to the end, so I had not many worries. Many of the obstacles that were supposed to be harmful were easily avoided; like you donít have to break the blocks to get the crystal. I would suggest making a ďshellĒ around the crystals you have to collect. Other than that, the game was satisfying for me.


If you donít like shooter games, I think would still be able to enjoy it. It had fun action to go through, and it was very short (if you donít like long games). It was consistent in its design, action, enemy placement, and overall difficulty. However, some of the obstacles were easily avoidable. Personally, I think this a feature worthy game.


Right now, I am trying to help bring attention to potential game makers. If you think one of your games is worthy of a review, feel free to message me on my page. But please be patient for the reviews.

Also, I know many of you are wondering why I didnít add a rating and such. The reason why I did this is because I believe that itís kind of silly to rate games based on a number that you came up with. Words can describe better than numbers.