My Girlfriend Can Be Hellish

Review by m11dsauce on Monday, January 18th 2016
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nightfall is a game created by beast4321

..ha. ha.

This game was created by a member known as beast4321, whom is not very well known. In fact, the only reason why I found this game was because he messaged me about his games. And I pressured him to put his best work he can out there, and this is the final product. Heís been a progressing member on the main site, so letís see if he should call this his best game.


Just to let you guys know, you may or may not want to pay attention to the story and grammar in this game (By the way, if English isnít your first language/youíre very young, make sure to use spellcheck!) . He even wrote in the description to not take the story seriously. And honestly, one of the most important parts of a game is the story. The story is about your girlfriend being kidnapped by the devil, and you must go into hell at ďnightfallĒ to save her. To put it straight forward, it was very cheesy. I wish he couldíve developed a more serious story to match the gameplay itself.

Speaking of gameplay, this took me by surprise. This was a pretty hard game that felt pretty consistent and balanced. It dealt a lot with the grapple hook (which is not used correctly in most Platformers), so it was nice refresh of that Power Up. I felt like that there should have been more health and better placement of these items. Since itís an action game, itís going to need a lot of health. Also, most of the Intro/Tutorial was quite useless, as most of it was common knowledge.

The best part about this game was scenery. The decoration and scenery in this game is up to par with featured games. But sadly, it was inconsistent. Sometimes it would look great, and sometimes I wondered if he cared or not about the decorations. The design of a game is very important also. If you donít have consistent level design, then what is the player going to anticipate?


Welp, that was an emotional rollercoaster to write. I wish that the grammar and the overall story was better, and that there was more consistency. But, it showed promising glimpses of what beast4321 can make in the future, and the gameplay was pretty fun. I would put this as an above average game, but not one to blow your socks off. There is a good future up ahead of beast4321, if he keeps at the hard work.


Right now, I am trying to help bring attention to potential game makers. If you think one of your games is worthy of a review, feel free to message me on my page. But please be patient for the reviews.

Also, I know many of you are wondering why I didnít add a rating and such. The reason why I did this is because I believe that itís kind of silly to rate games based on a number that you came up with. Words can describe better than numbers.