Classic As You Can Get!

Review by m11dsauce on Monday, November 7th 2016
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Desire is a game created by shadoq

Hello, and welcome to a review off of the work Desire by its creator, shadox. Shadox is a mysterious figure that doesnít interact with general Sploder audience; instead, he stays with the old classic shooters (based off of his collection and favorites) that give me nostalgic experiences. This is his first game on his profile, and is also the first one to be featured. I personally expect this game to be a traditional action/puzzle shooter that will take some tries to beat. Letís get into the review.


I hate to start off on a negative note, but why does ďDesireĒ have anything to do with the gameplay and the game itself? It gives no hints or reasons why it was named so, which I find a little strange (then again, that was the style back in the early days). There seemed to be very little story to the game at all; it was pure action (and a couple basic puzzles here and there). And honestly, thatís okay because this game has some hard action sequences. However, the action sequences began to be repetitive and there was obvious patterns for the enemy placement; there were generally two in a hallway, a turret in the center of a small room, a missile launcher to protect the switch, and a boss battle with one key in its own room. Itís okay to have patterns like this in a smaller game, but bigger projects require diversity of action and tactics. This would be classified as a smaller game, but refrain from using repetitive patterns; they get really annoying to play through after a while.

One thing that I found really good was its health placement. It had very little health on the map, so you had to use tactics to limit your health loss from room to room. They are somewhat basic tactics, but most players wouldnít usually utilize the right tactic in this game until theyíve played it a couple times. The utilization of tactics was probably the biggest puzzle in the game. The puzzles in this game were pretty basic. Using mega mines to unlock switches, bombing an enemy to open up doors, et cetera were the main puzzles showcased. It seemed that shadoq couldíve been more creative and made some more unique puzzles, but this gameís central focus is action and strategies, which is okay because most games recently have been focused on puzzles and story.

This game is like a tribute to Sploderís past. Most of the game levelís designed were purely inspired by the designs by past popular members nearly a decade ago. In fact, his entire collection is based off of classic games from 5-8 years ago, which I actually find it quite admirable. The rooms, the action sequences, the entire design of the game is reminiscent of what sploder used to be, and sometimes I kind of miss it. But then I remember of how much change, how much good has been built on the site since then and it makes me appreciate our websiteís history.


This game lacks quite a bit, but it does fulfill itís intended role. The central focus of this game was the action and strategies on how to conserve your health. The puzzles were beginner level and shouldíve required for us to do more critical thinking. Shadoq has based this game almost entirely around the nostalgic beginnings of sploder, and he was successful at that. I would say this game is a little better than decent, but definitely needs more refining.