By maiphantomhive :: Thursday July 11th, 2013


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You're different from the others. Your a Synesthete. You see, hear, and feel things in colors. You are held captive in a place you don't know, but something's wrong. Each different room is one color, one texture, and so is everything in it. You sense something's wrong, and that these are the bad colors. You have to find your way out, the hard, synesthetic way. INSTRUCTIONS: Each level and everything in the level (Ceiling, walls, doors, ladders, EVERYTHING) is ONE GRAPHIC TEXTURE! Which makes it really hard. Get out and past camouflaged exits and barriers to the door which will lead you to the next room. Some barriers and walls are made of material you will need the tool or gun to blow down. You might get stuck, and if that happens, I'm afraid you'll have to start from the beginning. I know it's frustrating! HINT: If your totally lost, use the radar! But I challenge you to use it the least you can, or it's no fun :) Questions and Complaints? Tell me! Please rate, nominate if you think it's worth it, and COMMENT BELOW! :)


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