Diamonds Arent Forever

Review by manurthebest on Wednesday, March 9th 2011
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Diamonds Arent Forever is a game created by empoleon

Time beaten

9 minutes 10 seconds

Pre thoughts

Empoleon is a great game maker but I would say that his platformer games outshine his shooter games (with a couple of exceptions). So the big question, is this platformer going to be a great or a disaster?


And the answer to that question is great. With some epic puzzles, great enemy/object placement and interesting decoration Diamonds Arent forever is an appealing game to all players. Although challenging, Diamonds Arent Forever is a very enjoyable and addicting game, but I must warn you, you will get very annoyed through-out the game. I am not saying Diamonds Arent Forever is a perfect game, but I am saying that it is a special game. This is what I will aim to prove through-out this review.

The name and the thumbnail are very important to a game. If you don't have an interesting name and an appealing Thumbnail your game wont get so many views even if it is an epic game. But this game has both. I would say that I think the thumbnail is more Appealing than the game name though. I say this because Empoleon has put one sign which said "DANGER". The "DANGER" sign is appealing to anyone who wants to play a challenging or action infested game (which should be most people). But their is a flaw in the thumbnail. Why would you have an arrow pointing to the danger. It doesn't make sense.

The enemy placement was OK, not perfect though. I felt that some enemies were just chucked into the game like when you have the opportunity to get a life (the second time). Their are a few enemies that are easy to destroy because you have 2 power suits to your aid. I found that bit of the game very boring not only because it was so easy but every time I lost I had to do that bit over and over again. The rest of the enemies were placed much better than the example above. The Object placement was very good. I can't fault that at all.

I loved the way that their were areas of the game that were just for decorational purposes only. This shows that Empoleon thought very hard about what he was going to do before actually making the game. The game didn't only have wallpaper (sometimes changing colour) but signs, talking animals and more. I just loved the decoration in the game (except the arrow sign at the start)

The puzzles in this game were epic. Some puzzles involved enemies which I though was a great addition to the puzzles. The puzzle I loved the most did involve an enemy, a kikuchiyo. When you come to this puzzle you should have not that much health left. What is so genius about this puzzle is that he has placed the kikuchiyo perfectly. Because he has done this it allows you to kill the enemy without losing any health (I am not going to reveal how to do it). This is only one example of the epic puzzles in Diamonds Arent Forever.

The game isn't without its flaws. So in this paragraph I will be discussing the flaws in this game. Some of the walls are easy to scale with the newly found pausing action so you can avoid the puzzles that empoleon has laid out for you which is a very bad mistake, but not the worst. The worst mistake in this game (in my opinion) was the overload of crushers. I felt that their was a lack of im2agination in the game because he kept on putting crushers where their was free spaces (that's what it felt like). The first few bits of the game were crusher infested, there needs to be more variety to it. Now its time for the ratings.

Ratings (out of 5)

Fun: ____
Decoration: ____
Placement: ____
Puzzles: ____
Action: ____

Overall: ____

To sum up, this was a brilliant game with a few flaws.


Diamonds Arent Forever Reviewed by manurthebest on Wednesday, March 9th 2011. Diamonds Arent Forever - A game review written by manurthebest for the game 'Diamonds Arent Forever' by empoleon. Rating: 4