Owl Or Wizard?!?!

Review by markark on Sunday, November 14th 2010
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The Soldier Apprentice is a game created by sack

This is a very, very good platform game created by: sack.


You start in the lava, you need to get fast out of it cause you wond be able to make it after the first teleporter then.

Halfway you get to choose between the Owl or the Wizard, what's your choise? Make the good one.

Then the ratings:

- Enemy placement: 4/10

- Scenery: 9/10

- Action: 9/10

- Puzzle: 6/10

- Power Ups: 8/10

Overall: 7,2

So yes its a good game, but not very long, ive seen better games but this one is also GOOD!

GREAT JOW SACK!!!!!!!!!1