Review by markark on Friday, December 10th 2010
Click to play I KILL U 3 RAWR

I KILL U 3 RAWR is a game created by wackyy

This game could problably have the name: Maze of dead, cause its a large (blue) maze under the ground where are a lot of traps. You must choose to listen or ignore the Major DOG. Is he telling the true or is he not?

Game: nice to play, this is personally but i hate it to figt 1 to 1 in a bot cause you win always but it take so long. Howerver, its fun to play this game and its pretty hard not cause of the enemies but just all of the traps.


- Action; 7/10

- Puzzle; 8/10

- Scenery; 8/10

- Enemies; 4/10

- Power-ups; 5/10

Overall: 6,1 You really need to place more enemies cause when you die three or four times you dont like to start agai.